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A diamond in the rough... 0

Freedom Fighters is, for lack of a better word, more fun than it would initially have you believe. An innovative concept wrapped in a very intriguing storyline. A storyline that very nearly carries the game all on it's own. The storyline is one of an alternate Earth where world history has favored the communists of the USSR during the Cold War and not the capitalists of the USA. The Russians have slowly taken bits and pieces of the world map until finally taking over Mexico and invading New Yor...

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I bought this game on a whim when I was younger based solely on the box art and that it had some mention of Hitman on the box info. What first stood out to me however was how satisfying the squad combat and commands were, especially in comparison to many other games at that juncture. Also, the ease of gameplay made a great impression after recently playing a few Armored Core games, making it almost a palette cleanser of sorts. However, after getting past a decent amount of plot points, many othe...

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History Gets A Facelift 0

This was my first-ever squad based shooter and I couldn't have asked for anything more. Freedom Fighters puts you in the role of a man fighting for his right to live free, plain and simple. The player starts as a lone solider fighting against the Reds in an alternate reality where the Soviet ideal has encompassed the entire globe... except the U.S. As the player fulfills the missions of the lone Freedom Fighter others will be inspired and lend aid to your cause. Ultimately the player will be gra...

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Why did i ever get rid of this game?! 0

Freedom Fighters. Oh the joy. Freedom Fighters is the ultimate (politically) guilty pleasure game. It's an alternate reality in which the russians got the atomic bomb first. This incident led to them being the penultimate superpower rather than the u.s. now fast forward 60 years. Invasion time! The russians have come to put down the last bastion of capitalist dogs; the americans!The game is squad based, sort of. The commands are relatively simple so as not to take away from the action the game p...

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My review of freedom fighters 0

Freedom fighters is squad based 3rd  person action/shooter game. It took me about 15 hours to complete doing nearly all the side missions too. Without spoiling anything heres the basics of the plot. Your a plummer in a different future were soviet russia never died, IT GREW BIGGER. You and your brother are on a gig in ahouse when soviet troops rush in take your brother while your hiding and then leave. From their on you join the freeom fighters rebel force do missions to help liberate new york a...

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