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    Front Mission: Gun Hazard

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 23, 1996

    Front Mission: Gun Hazard is a side-scrolling shooter which takes into account mech customization elements which are classic to the Front Mission series.

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    Front Mission: Gun Hazard is an early Front Mission game in Squaresoft's mech franchise, sitting between the first and second core games. It stands out from the rest of the games due to its significantly different gameplay. Front Mission: Gun Hazard switches the top-down isometric turn-based strategy for a side-scrolling shooter play style. Although this is a major change, recurring mechanics of the franchise such as mech (which the game refers to as "wanzers"; a shortened form of wanderpanzer, or "walking armor") customization and an overworld map with level choices and a story involving military politics.

    Front Mission: Gun Hazard was first released in 1996 and rereleased via the Wii's Virtual Console in 2008. It has not been officially localized into English, but did receive a fan translation from the Aeon Genesis group in 2004.

    Official Sound Track

    Front Mission Series: Gun Hazard Original Sound Track was released in Japan in February 1996.

    The OST Cover
    The OST Cover
    1. Gun Hazard
    2. Emergency
    3. Mission Complete
    4. Pull Out
    5. Last Words
    6. Tension
    7. Footsteps
    8. Shiver
    9. Move
    10. A Store Keeper
    11. Voice of Ark
    12. The President's Deadly Fight
    13. Ominous Wind
    14. Silencer
    15. Escape
    16. Richard Millman
    17. Cenktrich
    18. Enemy Raid
    19. Successful Attack
    20. Invasion
    21. Warning One
    22. Warning Two
    23. Genoce
    24. Sorrowful Karion
    25. Transaction
    26. Monologue
    27. Secret Story
    28. Galeon
    29. Sneak And Attack
    30. Blue Sky ~Blue Sky~
    31. Notice
    32. Resistance
    33. Naval Fortress

    Disc Two totals 74:13 of playtime

    1. Royce Felder
    2. A Running Fight
    3. A-R-K
    4. Remains
    5. Cavern
    6. Spark Shot
    7. 202
    8. Violent Chase
    9. Death In Broad Daylight
    10. Uneasy
    11. Message Of Genoce
    12. Determination
    13. Guardian
    14. Sentinel
    15. Trap
    16. Edel Ritter
    17. Nature
    18. Royce's Death
    19. Evil Power
    20. Atlas
    21. Approach To A Shrine
    22. Final Mission
    23. Impatience
    24. Promise ~ Engagement
    25. Heaven's Door
    26. Emotion
    27. Trial Zone

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