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    Front Mission

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    Front Mission is best known for its serialized storytelling approach and the presentation of realistic mecha known as "wanzers".

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    Front Mission video games fall under one of two kinds: numbered entries that provide turn-based gameplay, and non-numbered entries which provide real-time gameplay. The franchise has delved into numerous genres as a result, some of which include: massively multiplayer online game (MMO), real-time strategy (RTS), side-scrolling shooter, strategy role-playing game (SRPG), third-person shooter (TPS), and turn-based strategy (TBS). Numbered entries are either SRPG or TBS games, whereas non-numbered entries are more diverse. Non-numbered entries include Front Mission Alternative (RTS), Front Mission Evolved (TPS), Front Mission: Gun Hazard (side-scrolling shooter), and Front Mission: Online (MMO, TPS).

    The stories of Front Mission revolve around military, political, and science themes. Modeled after serial dramas, the stories interconnect between the games, and tie back to a larger overarching storyline that encompasses the entire series. While players can enjoy the video games as a standalone, only those who delve deeper into the franchise will have a full grasp of its stories. Only Front Mission: Gun Hazard and Front Mission Evolved have no relation to the series storyline; the former is set in a completely different universe, and the latter is a story reboot for the franchise.

    Series Timeline

    (Canon Front Mission Universe)

    (Alternate Front Mission Universe)

    Iconic Figures

    Like the Madcat of the Mech Warrior franchise which become famous for its intimidating and iconic design as well as being featured on box covers regularly, the Front Mission franchise is represented by several iconic mecha. The two most iconic of the wanzers featured in the video games are the Frost and Zenith. The Frost is a heavyweight wanzer with an industrial, rugged look to it whereas the Zenith is a middleweight wanzer with a sleeker, more high-tech appearance. In the video games, the main characters start out with either a derivative of the Frost or Zenith wanzers.


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