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    Frontlines: Fuel of War

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Feb 25, 2008

    Frontlines is a multiplayer-focused first person shooter with a strong political message from Kaos Studios. Kaos was previously responsible for Desert Combat, a popular mod for Battlefield 1942. The game is set in a global economic crisis in which oil is running out.

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    The Frontlines Sausage Review 0

    I remember when Frontlines was first announced it was my most anticipated shooter (before COD4 existed in any form) and I have had high hopes for the game ever since. Sadly I can't really say many good things about the game. I can say that it has a lot of potential, but I wouldn't take that as much of a compliment. The single-player campaign is fun, but it does have its issues. There is a "story" to the game and it's not horrible like Battlefield, but not great like COD4; it’s good enough to mov...

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    It's no COD4 or BF2 but it's not bad for a first time developer 0

    The premise of the game is in the future oil starts to run out and conflicts start to control what little oil is left. The Russian and Chinese have formed an alliance (Red Star Alliance) and the US/Europe are the Western Coalition. What started with a small incursion by the Red Star Alliance will end up a war.Good points:Decent enough graphics.Interesting premise.Half decent single player with some replay value.Drones that are really fun to use.Some intense firefights.A pistol that's actually go...

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    A great first try for Kaos 0

    Frontlines Fuel of War is a sci-fi first-person-shooter that puts the player in large scale futuristic battlefields. Frontlines is one of those games that you love because it offers an experience you can't get anywhere else on a console. When I first sat down with Frontlines I honestly wasn't sure what to expect, I had played very little of the Battlefield series so I wasn't sure if I would even like the game style. However when I began playing the single player portion of Frontlines it quickly ...

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    A really hard game to judge. 0

    NOTE: Ok so i will state right off the bat that i bought this game online off STEAM for US$2.50. Keeping in mind that i only paid that much for it, im not going to be talking about the game in terms of good or bad value as i have no idea what price any readers are looking to pay for it. That being said, on with the review! STORY: The game takes place in the near future in a world where Oil is running dangerously low and the world has divided into more or less two separate superpowers. American a...

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    Enjoyable! 0

    I was given this game for my birthday and thought it looked alot like BF and the truth is it is alot like BF but who cares! First the graphics in the game are good not amazing but good and the environments look good and add to the game. The gameplay is fast paced and after getting used to the controls (stuck in CoD4 m mode) I quickly enjoyed the gameplay and the story. In my opinion the story is the best part of this game as it portrays a rather bleak future where the US and Europe once again u...

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    IT SUCKS!!!!!! 0

     The contol scheme is a mess, the ai are idiots, the vehicles drive like dumptrucks, the graphics are weak, story is terrible. Multiplayer sucks. I mean i gotta admit this game does have some sweet set pieces, like where you drive a tank and have to destroy others after a nuke just went off, or when you invade moscow. And i did have some fun, but after i started playing other xbox games it stood no chance. So bottom line ITS A MESS!!...

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    A Bit Better now, but Still Needs TLC... 0

    Graphics:- Graphically the title looks pretty good, nothing superbly astounding, but it hits the mark. The vehicles looks sharp, and well detailed, I found the attack helo to be probably one of my favorite designs.Audio:- Audio is hit, and miss, one PC with fully updated Creative X-Fi drivers and cooresponding X-Fi card for some reasons has no audio. Where as another one has onboard, and no issues. So be at your own risk there. After a couple patches a few of the issues were fixed, but there are...

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    so many ideas that none of them get implemented well. 0

    Frontlines tries to revolutionize the fps formula. Let's get this out of the way now. It doesn't. I've played worse games, and mechanically it's sound...but it just isn't fun, and certainly not worth 60$. So here we go:First off, many thanx to the fella who recommended I buy this game right after finishing rainbow six. yeah, right... So thanx Mr. know who you are.So what's wrong with the game? Well a lot. it controls like a pretty vintage fps, all very straightforward. But it doesn't d...

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    Frontlines-Okay 0

    Frontlines: Fuel of War is a near future after-oil FPS, based upon a combat system centered on Frontlines. It has a myriad of combinations available to any player, with 6 weapons and 4 classes, with each class having abilities unlockable while in-game. It features many vehicles, varying from tanks, jeeps, anti air, and APC's to jets and helicopters (transports included). There were about 10 maps with the release, and 5 more are on the way along with 4 new vehicles and 3 new infantry weapons. The...

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