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Hold On Just One More Game 0

Lets face it; iPhone games so far have not exactly been the most engaging or fun games made to day. Other then the many fart apps and terrible rip offs of popular online games of the time. The few titles that have been engaging and good tend to appeal to the causal and are simple to the point of boredom. Game Dev Story breaks the mold and makes a really addicting, compelling and really complex game make it one of the best game for iPhone. As the title suggest you are the CEO of a newly formed...

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My Brain! 0

 So i first jumped into this game after a friend recommended it, i expected something uber simple and very theme park like, i was pleasently surprised.   There isn't a ton of tutorial bits and bobs in this game which kinda gets you drawn in a little more seeing as you're figuring things out for yourself, i'm just a little worried that i may be missing something in the game and it hasn't bothered to tell me, but that aside this game is easy to pick up and play and you'll soon be on your way to mu...

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Review: Game Dev Story for the iPhone 1

 I seriously can’t stop playing Kariosoft’s newest iPhone experience, Game Dev Story. It has all the ingredients that make up a great iPhone game. You can jump in and out quickly, it has a simple yet fun gameplay system and it has a lot of replayability. It feels kind of dorky to admit, but I’d occasionally find myself thinking about different strategies for the game when I wasn’t playing it. I don’t think I’ve ever been this obsessed with any other iPhone game before. People who are fans...

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Game Dev Story Review (iOS & Android) 0

 One of the more popular games out there for iOS and Android has definitely been the cult-hit called Game Dev Story. Since the Android Marketplace now allows purchases in the Philippines, and Game Dev Story went on a sale recently, we picked up the game for about PHP 62.00. Yes, only 62 big pesos. Can’t even buy a burger for that amount of money. These days, its back to its slightly higher price of ¥230, which is about PHP 122. (Still at 40% off its original price.) That’s the Android Market pri...

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Game Dev Story 0

I love (almost!) everything about this game.  I have a pile of AAA titles on every platform in my backlog right now, and all I've wanted to do, since the second I bought it, is play Game Dev Story on my iPhone. At its heart it's a Simulation RPG that has you managing a game development studio and it starts you off with 2 employees and enough capital to get your first project going.  Your task is to manage your team through developing as many hit games as you can, or you can choose to do some con...

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The Joy Of Making Videa Games 0

Like a thief in the night, Game Dev Story will meander into your very cortex and borrow a hole there. It will gladly make its home in your sub-conscious as you think of new and exciting strategies during your time being a faux-developer. Actually, I think you're the dude behind the desk - you're the Head Honcho of your very own game development studio. Haven't you always wanted that? The chance to expose to the world the next gaming megaton? This game allows you to do this - in your mind, obviou...

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Lots of fun, little replay value. 0

There are two basic foundations to a good game, in my opinion. One is fun. I look forward to playing it, I enjoy my time with it, and when I'm not playing it, I'm looking forward to having a good time when I am playing it. The other foundation is compulsion. I'm not always sure I'm having fun, that I'm smiling and basking in entertainment, but I'm sure I can't rip myself away without some effort. GameDev Story is fun, sure,but it leans very heavily on compulsion, and that makes it both a great g...

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Worthy of Purchase 0

Game Dev Story, a game company simulation, is a fantastic universal application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Created by Kairosoft and currently available for $3.99, Game Dev exceeds the expectation set by its price point.The point in Game Dev is simple: create video games (and eventually a console) and make money. After naming your development company (LuiGino & Co.) you start with a budget of a few hundred thousand dollars. You then hire your first employee and it’s time to make gam...

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Extremely Great Game 0

This game is the best simulation in the app. store. The sleek price of $3.99 may seem high, but once you get into the game, your stuck. Not only is this game addicting, but it is extremely fun at the same time. You simply run a game company, and make games. The games are rated upon their combination (genre+type). If they don't go together they usually won't sell. Once you have a hardware engineer, you can start creating consoles. As time goes on, new consoles are released by companies for you to...

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Making Intendo games on my iPad 1

DARN YOU GIANT BOMB!  Thanks to the podcast I picked up a non-iPad game on my iPad.   What's worse (or better) is that it's a great game that makes me play it for hours and hours!    Game Dev Story is a very simple concept:  Let the player run a video game company.  Beyond that point it's the style and nods to reality that really get you going.  At it's core it is a simple office management game.  You mange your personel, direct who does what part of game development, what genre and theme of gam...

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Im game developing 0

I never thought Id be developing games. And Im not. But almost. Game Dev Story is one of the most addictive iPhone games Iv stumbled upon. You take the role of a game developer studio manager and lead your team by telling people what to develop.  There really is a lot to talk about when it comes to this game, and it has a depth you really don't expect it to have. You can level up the people working for you, train them, you can go to a trade show, award ceremonies. When you don't develop games yo...

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