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Genesis Rhapsodos is a character that appears in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII entries Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus. He was born through Jenova Project G, a research project led by Dr. Hollander and Gillian Hewley. However, the subsequent Project S, which resulted in the birth of Sephiroth, was considered a greater success, and Project G was thought to be shut down. After the experiment continued in secret for some time within Deepground, Genesis was eventually given up as a failure and put in the care of a wealthy Banora resident.

Genesis grew up as a friend of Angeal Hewley, whose family was poor. The two both eventually joined SOLDIER and became two of the few to make it to 1st Class, putting them at the same rank as Sephiroth. He is an ardent fan of the epic poem LOVELESS, and has studied it extensively.


Genesis's appearance was modeled directly after Japanese singer Gackt, who also provided his Japanese voice. Gackt was allowed involvement in defining aspects of the character with Crisis Core producer Hideki Imaizumi.

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