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The Greatest Game to Play Before Playing a Real Game.

    This highly addictive yet linear arcade shooter is the perfect game to play before getting your real game on. I like to play this right before i pop in COD4, just to try to get a higher high score. As extremely addictive as this game is, it might get boring after a while, but over all, it never gets old. Surviving some of the games extremely hectic moments is an awesome feeling, and getting a score higher than your friends is even more satisfying than normal. It's only 400 points on the marketplace, and is definitely worth it. The visuals are smooth and the pretty colors make the game very exciting. The music is great and builds upon itself as you gain points and the game gets more and more difficult. Speaking of difficulty, it might be a little too hectic for some people, but if you like a challenge then this is a great game to try out.

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