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    Featured in the Gex series of games, he is a wisecracking bipedal lizard with a passion for television.

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    A list and explanation of the moves that the character of Gex can perform in the game.

    • Tail Whip: An attack which damages enemies, it can also be used on items like launching skulls to knock them into enemies as weapons, or smack bug power-ups to restore your health meter by one point.
    • Tongue Lash: Snags gold flies, bugs and power-ups in mid air.
    • Hurl: Spit a fire ball, ice ball, or other weapon, depending on the power-up Gex swallowed last.
    • Jump: Aids in avoiding enemies and clearing obstacles.
    • Tail Bounce: Destroy enemies, bust breakable blocks and bounce on to high platforms.
    • Wall Stick: Jump while pressing the Direction Button against a wall's surface or a ceiling and Gex will sticks to the surface. Gex can stick & crawl up the sides & faces of walls & buildings and spin while sticking.


    Throughout the game there are small spheres, that Gex can swallow to either gain abilities, or heal.

    • Red Firefly/Fire: Gex can spit balls of fire. Kept until injured.
    • Blue Firefly/Ice: Gex can spit beams of ice. Kept until injured.
    • Grasshopper/Jump: Gex can jump much higher than normal. Kept until injured.
    • Yellow Firefly/Lightning: Gex can spit three bolts of electricity. Kept until injured.
    • Centipede/Speed: Gex can run much faster than normal. Expires after one minute.
    • Caterpillar/Whirlwind: Gex is surrounded by a whirlwind that injures enemies, and protects himself. Expires after one minute.

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