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Go! Go! Hypergrind is a skateboarding game developed by Poponchi and published by Atlus for the Gamecube platform. Go! Go! Hypergrind uses a cel shaded art style and anthropomorphic animals as the playable characters.


The game features the animation studio Spümcø, which is the studio responsible for creating Ren & Stimpy. In the story, Spümcø is holding an audition for a new action packed show titled "Hypergrind". Spümcø is looking for a character that can not only pull off big air but crazy tricks as well.

The reasoning behind Spümcøs contest is the rise in computer generated animation and their quest to bring back the classic cel animated style.


Go! Go! Hypergrind plays similarly to other extreme skateboarding games, but more over the top and crazy.


  • Analog Stick - The analog stick if pressed up will speed up the character and down will slow it down. Left or right will steer either left or right and balance left or right while on a rail.
  • D-Pad - The D-pad works the same as the analog stick.
  • C-Stick - The C-Stick is used to control the camera around the character.
  • A Button - The A button is used to jump/ollie.
  • B Button - The B button is used for air/flip tricks.
  • X Button - The X button is used to transfer into negative reaction mode.
  • Y Button - The Y button is used to do grind tricks, lip tricks, and pole tricks.
  • L/R Shoulder Buttons - The L/R buttons are used to spin the character faster while in the air. These buttons are also used to perform a revert move while landing from a ramp.
  • Start Button - The start button is used to access the menu and pause the game.


Tricks are performed by using a combonation of the face buttons and the analog stick. There are six categories of basic tricks that can be performed:

Flip Tricks

Flip tricks can be performed at any time while in the air. These tricks involve the board flipping in various ways before coming back to the neutral state under the characters feet. To perform a flip tricks, while in the air the B button must be held and then the analog stick is quickly flicked in one of the various directions. The direction the analog stick is flicked will dictate which trick is performed.

Air Tricks

Air tricks (also known as grab tricks) are also to be performed while in the air. The air tricks involve the character grabbing the board from under the feet and hold it in various ways. To perform an air trick the B button must be held and the analog stick pressed and held in a direction. These tricks, while performed using the B button like the flip tricks must be performed by holding the analog stick in a direction rather than flicking it.

Grind Tricks

Grind tricks are performed by jumping onto a rail or other ledge surface. To perform a grind trick the character must jump at a railing or ledge and the Y button with a direction on the analog stick. The trick must be balanced by using the left/right directions on the analog stick. The tricks will generate more points depending on how long the trick is successfully held.

Lip Tricks

Lip tricks are performed by skating straight at a ledge at the top of a ramp and stalling the board on the ledge. To perform a lip trick the character must be skating straight at the ledge on the top of a ramp and the Y button and a direction on the analog stick must be pressed. These tricks are balanced by using up and down on the analog stick. These tricks will generate points depending on how long the trick is successfully held.

Pole Tricks

Pole tricks are performed by the character grabbing on to a pole and spinning around it. To perform a pole trick the character needs to be jumping at a pole and pressing the Y button. The amount of points depends on the amount of time successfully spinning around the pole and the quality of the dismount from the pole.

Manual Tricks

Manual tricks are performed by the character riding on the board with only the front or back wheels on the ground. To perform a manual trick the analog stick must be quickly pressed up and then down, or the reverse order. The tricks point worth will depend on how long the trick is successfully held.




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