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    Gob is the abused ghoul bartender who works against his will at Moriarty's Saloon in Megaton.

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    Gob is a friendly Ghoul who is found in a Saloon in Megaton. Gob originally lived in the Underworld, a place populated mostly by Ghouls for which it earned it's title of the "Ghoul City". Gob originally lived with his "mother", Carol, but after venturing through the Capital Wasteland, Gob came upon Megaton. It's here he found work at Moriarty's Saloon as a barkeep. Gob is essentially Moriarty's slave now and is often treated poorly by Moriarty  and most of Megaton. When the player first meets Gob, they can be accepting of him or be repulsed. If players choose the former, he will give discounts and let you in on some secret information.
    If Moriarty dies or is killed by the player, Gob will be free and choose to take over the bar for himself. Gob will even write his name over Moriarty making it Gob's Saloon. Gob will also put Nova in charge of renting rooms. 


    • "Don't Hit Me!"
    • "Hey there Smoothskin."
    • "Goddamn radio won't work! "
    • "See ya later drunky!"

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