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A new Kratos

The new God of War for PS4 don't just changes de formula but it puts itself on a higher level then anybody could expect it. The visuals in this game are just amazing, very polished graphics and maybe the best use of light I've seen in a game, with the prettiest metal you can imagine. Any source of energy it's also well designed, the enemies despite not having enough variety are really well made also.

The main change this game goes for, compared to the rest of the series, is its pace. The combat is really different, with the camer now being from a 3rd person perspective. It's slower and more methodical, making you choose wisely when to go in or to defend yourself, having to dodge and block for alot of the fights, not just swing your weapons and smash the buttons. A change of pace also comes when you are walking around trying to see what to do next.

Kratos is a different character from the first couple of games, he understands what he has done in the past and sometimes feels like protecting Atreas from becoming the person his father (Kratos himself) was on the past. Atreas has a really interesting character development throughout the game. Not my favorite for a few stretches, but really nice to see so much dept to it. Kratos also has alot of change through the game, seeing some things must be different and not always stuff will happen the way he intends, and it's hard to keep secrets.

The game also introduces a new loot system, being very different from the PS2/PS3 predecessors, having level on each gear and you being able to craft new ones or upgrade the ones you already have. A big skill tree also opens up for you, to unlock new abilities to improve your combat skill. You'll also be able to upgrade your weapons, Atreas's gear and change/improve some other things. You'll also have more then one fight style, that you'll use throughout the game.

Two of the best animations I've ever seen in a video game are on this one. The way Kratos open a wooden chest is just amazing, makes me smile every time I see it. But the even better one, is the Axe throwing animation, the feel of it returning to your hand, and always being true to the place it is, not always taking the same time. When you forget that your axe is far behing it will take the right amount of time to come back to you. It's the best use of vibration on a controller you'll see, and the game has a vibration metter on the options, and the default is maxed out. You can feel it each time the axe takes a spin, it's amazing.

Another big thing about the Axe return is the sound it makes when you catch it. Oh god, the sound design in this game is superb. It feels so real and the right amount of loud. The soundtrack also has it's big moments, I'm a sucker for the type of epic music it plays. The presentation is really well put together, one of the most incredible things is the fact that the game has no loading in it. You can beat the game on the same shot, there's no loading between doors or cinematics, it's all one take. The transition always feels amazing.

The game even adds a story telling element to the store where you'll craft your itens and upgrade your gear. I'm not going to spoil it but it's really clever. Also, every element of traveling or fast-traveling has a dialogue/purpose to it, feels very engaging and real. The icing on the cake are the plot twists and character introductions/development, the game will make you go crazy a couple of times, specially if you are a fun of the Nordic Mithology or of the past God of War games. It's a almost perfect game, that everybody should play it.

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