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In a style similar to the Black & White games, you are God, and your goal is to gather followers and gold while increasing the size and shape of your planet.  
Build farms, wells, fires and other buildings and put followers to work!  Use the gold you gather to grow your planet and impress your friends.   
The game is designed to take advantage of micro-transactions with mana, awe and gold being generated over time, so you can only do so much before you're exhausted. If you want to play faster, you're able to buy mana and awe for real dollars and make your followers happier!
The game has a big social aspect being tied in with the Plus gaming network which allows you to visit and assist friends which helps you both generate more gold and mana.
The gametype is the new fad on Facebook and it's making it's way to the mobile scene. 
It's free till you decide to buy something, so there's no harm in checking it out!


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