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Gogetsuji Legends (known in Japan as Gouketsuji Gaiden: Saikyou Densetsu, which loosely translates to "Gouketsuji Side-Story: Legend of the Strongest") is a 2D fighting game developed and released by Atlus for arcades in 1995.

A spin-off of the 1994 game Power Instinct 2, Gogetsuji Legends adds a new two-on-two tag-team round system, where players must defeat both of their opponent's characters to win the match. It also adds new abilities for all characters and updates the roster (adding a kuroko as a playable fighter, while adding martial artist Chuck as the game's main antagonist).

The tag-team system, as well as the roster update, was brought back into the PS1 port of Power Instinct 2 (hence the port's sub-title "Chottodake Saikyou Densetsu", or "Just a Little Bit of Legend of the Strongest").


All characters from Power Instinct 2 return, with Kurara and Kinta's transformations as separate characters, Otane as a playable character, a new character (Kuroko), and a new unplayable boss (Chuck).

Once players defeat the sub-boss combo of Kuroko and Chuck, the final boss fight pits the player (as their leader character) against their partner character in a single-round match.

New Additions

Returning Characters


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