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    One of the Nameless Hero's allies who aid in the destruction of the Sleeper, the slaying of the dragons, and the liberation (or subjugation) of Myrtana.
    Though large in size and slow in speech, Gorn is passionate, headstrong, and loyal.
    He has a habit of getting over his head and is captured twice; once by Rhobar's soldiers in Gothic II, and again by Orcs outside Gotha in Gothic 3, requiring the nameless hero to pay sizable amounts of gold in order to free him.
    Gorn is the only main character in Gothic 3 who is aware of the Rebel presence in Myrtana, and aids the nameless hero in the discovery of Reddock, a hidden Rebel base. 
    In Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods he became a part-ruler of Myrtana, but he quickly lost his power.

    Gorn uses a giant axe exclusively throughout the Gothic series.


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