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Rockstar Pulls It Off, Yet Again 5

Introduction Since the release of GTA III, it would be hard to believe that rockstar could go back to the classic view that was presented in 1 and 2. Well, they have done it and it is extremely successful. Going back to the old view is not taking away anything really, but adding tons of new features and making the game possible on the Nintendo DS hardware. Graphics When i say that the graphics have went back to GTA I and II style, that doesn't mean they look exactly the same, they actually loo...

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Review 0

It might be surprise many to find that GTA: Chinatown Wars is actually the forth forth GTA game to appear on a Nintendo system. Really, it's true. You could well be forgiven for forgetting the previous titles, GTA1 and GTA2 were developed by Tarantula Studios (now owned by Rockstar and used for game testing) and GTA Advance was the work of Digital Eclipse (Now found porting old arcade games). Not a great legacy for those who know the series from it's portable versions, because they were an unpla...

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A legendary pocket title with ambition unprecedented on the DS. 1

Less than a year after Grand Theft Auto IV's monumental release, fans of Liberty City have yet another entry in the series to sink their teeth into; and while it isn't as large or beautiful as other games in the series, Chinatown Wars is a legendary portable title that has obliterated nearly all preconceptions of the limitations of the DS. Not only has Leeds proven mastery over the hardware, however; they've proven mastery on how to make a compelling experience. Chinatown Wars tells the tale of...

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Chinatown Wars does things differently and looks great doing it. 0

Many franchises have attempted to toss themselves into the portable ring only to be spat back out, mangled and scarred with only subtle hints pointing toward the games that they were supposed to have been. Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series was never one of these. The previous two entires—while not exactly excellent—were exceptionally faithful in their realization of the series' mechanics and world. Coupled with the unfortunate subtitle chosen for Chinatown Wars, I found the idea of this lat...

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This is my essay on the Nintendo DS and Chinatown Wars. 0

So this is my essay. It’s titled “Why I hate the Nintendo DS sometimes”, by me. The thesis to this essay will be “games like Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars makes me hate the Nintendo DS sometimes.” Hopefully handing in this instead of an essay on Macbeth’s greed will still net me a passing grade from my English teacher. I’m fully aware that there’s no way to write an essay titled “Why I hate the Nintendo DS sometimes” as your review for a Nintendo DS game without being labeled some kind of fa...

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Great use of the DS, good fun and a bad story 0

What I really liked about the game was that for the first time in a long while it felt like a full blown original game on the system. Most other games either boil down to simple puzzle mini-game stuff or cheap rip-off of titles from the big consoles. GTA:CW on the other side, while not 100% original, knows that its not running on a big console and doesn't try to emulate GTAIV. Instead it goes back to a more cartoony style of the original GTA PSone titles and for most part success quite well with...

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The verdict: GTA: CTW is great on the iPhone. 0

 I was a bit anxious about spending $10 for a new game for my iPhone 3G, but after being assured that it had the same content as the PS3 version, I decided to take the plunge.  I was greeted almost instantly with a cut scene explaining your character, and putting him in a pretty interesting situation. The writing is very sharp, with jokes sprinkled in throughout. I had a bit of a QTE (quick time event) where I had to break open the window of a car that was underwater. The game's  PDA is very eas...

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GTA Chinatown Wars- Best GTA of ALL TIME 0

Best gta EVER!!!!!!awesome missionsgreat storylinegraphics are ok, but extremely good for the DS (no offense nintendo)guns, characters, and cars are all awesomeDEFINITELY BUY THIS! i would buy it for $50VERY realistic, - cop chases with other CPUs- people buy hotdogs, go to work, and get in fistfights ( LMAO )- sometimes there is crashes with CPU cars and there will be cop cars, firetrucks, or ambulances! VERY AWESOME- and muuuuch more, to see it.......... BUY THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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One step back, a giant leap forward. 0

Heading into GTA: Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS, i was initially quite sceptical as to how the game was going to play. I loved the old top down GTAs back in the day, but i simply thought that with the introduction of the 3D versions of the game, a throwback to the top down perspective was going to equal nothing more than a step back for the series. Thankfully, i was wrong.   The game begins with your character, Huang Lee, arriving in Liberty City from Hong Kong shortly after his Triad boss, ...

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When it comes to GTA games 0

I have to admit I am a virgin when it comes to GTA franchise. I’ve only played the other games for a few minutes and lost interest immediately. When I saw this game I decided to take a chance and try it out and I’m very glad I took that chance. This game was flat out mind blowing, that smart graphics worked well on the DS and became more appealing the more I played it. The controls were easy to pick up and they work smoothly. The camera being at an angle works and looks great. The story progre...

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One of the better GTA games and it’s handheld. 0

Chinatown Wars tells a whole new story from Liberty City and it has been developed for the DS from the ground up. It’s a full GTA game at the palm of your hand. If you’re old enough I strongly recommend you to play it. FRESH, YET FAMILIAR STORY You take the role of a young guy who arrives from China to Liberty City. Unfortunately you are almost assassinated and before long it’s all about crime and getting a lot of money and respect. It’s a typical GTA thing, but the story is told well and...

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What's Old is New Again 0

GTA CW is a game for the Nintendo DS. It retails for $39.99 and is rated M for Mature.  This is the first GTA game on the DS, and Rockstar wisely chose not to follow the “Stories” formula used for their PSP outings. Instead, Chinatown Wars harkens back to the original two GTA games (and the lesser-known GBA game, which is best left forgotten). The perspective is top-down, reducing your character to a few animated pixels and victims to cartoonish bloodsplats on the pavement. Thankfully, some smar...

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A GTA so close to perfection, i's scary! 0

GTA Chinatown Wars is everything GTAIV wasnt.Whilst there is little doubt about the quality of GTAIV in terms of graphics, control, and story, the game seemed to lack the sidequests and extras that made San Andreas such a hit.Well, Rockstar have sorted all of that out with some truly fantastic sidemissions in GTA Chinatown Wars!The drug dealing is fun, and has sucked many an hour ou of my day! My critisism of this though is that it's a little easy to become very rich this way. Only a few hours i...

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Better than most portable GTA games. 0

The DS version of Grand Theft Auto is a great new take on the series. Return to the world of 2-d top down view from GTA 1 and 2 with new features from new games like 4. This was originally posted on May 11th 2009 on my Gamespot profile. You play as a Chinese guy this time around that came to America to find out who killed his father and deliver the family heirloom that has been in the family to determine who is the leader is his Uncle. Like all GTA's though there are plot twist abound and e...

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The True GTA Experience Comes To The DS 0

How do you take the massive, open world that is Liberty City of Grand Theft Auto IV fame and translate it onto the DS, and more importantly make it NOT feel stripped down? You make Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars, a game that plays to the strengths of the system while sending the player on a well executed and sharply written adventure throughout the streets of . You play as Huang, a young rich kid fresh off the plane from , with a sword in the wake of his father’s murder. Unfortunately the s...

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Chinatown Wars, The Perfect Game? 0

The Grand Theft Auto series hasn't always translated well to the handheld systems. With the lackluster GTA and GTA 2 on the Game Boy Color, and the lukewarm Liberty and Vice City Stories for the PSP, GTA games on handhelds never really hit that epic level that they did on the consoles. With visceral gunfights that are easy and fun to control, a great story, and top notch production values, this is easily my favorite DS game. While Chinatown Wars doesn't really hit the epic level of it's big brot...

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Maybe I'm not the right guy for this . . . 0

. . . but I feel like I'm missing out on part of the Chinatown Wars experience.  The game has been great so far.  I have really enjoyed the mechanics, art style, and mission types.   What I have been missing is the story.  I'm confident it is there.  After all, the text on all those screens has to say something, right?    The problem is the way that I play games on the DS.  I play these games on the bus going to work, or in bed before going to sleep.  In both of these cases I don't really have t...

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars 0

 If nothing else, Rockstar Leeds should be commended for bringing the Grand Theft Auto experience to handheld systems while keeping the spirit totally intact. The regular gameplay translates in a playable fashion, and the new elements they introduce with the touch screen are actually some of the best ideas the series has had in a while. Holding down a couple buttons to blast everyone in sight isn't as interesting as a real combat system, but there's actually more variety in the mission des...

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gta ds 0

Ive played the series right from the start on the pc, i have to say even the graphical visuals are amazing, different to all before.  This has been probably the best version i ve played yet, and on a ds thats some achievement. I really hope they make a wii version. Some of the ideas for this are genius, jacking a car, you are now involved bycompleting mini tasks such as hot wiring, i mean actaully opening the dash and pulling the wires together, assembling your weapon. It even has that ds pocket...

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars 0

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most popular and controversial video games the world has seen. Countless lawsuits from not only angry parents, but figure heads in the industry, have given GTA and its creators Rockstar a reputation. This reputation leads to hype, and hype often does weird things to us consumers, splitting us into 2 outstanding groups. Group A being the "dood if so many people are talking about it then its gotta be a good game!". Group B voicing "YO F THAT GAME MAN!...

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Just Because It's Asian Doesn't Mean It's Small 0

Originally posted on my blog here, but I thought I'd contribute to the reviews page. Pictures are from the wiki The Grand Theft Auto series was not made for kids. The Nintendo DS’s main audience is kids. So when GTA Chinatown Wars was announced last year, I wasn’t expecting too much. Perhaps a minigame spinoff, or a smaller scale game. With a subtitle like Chinatown Wars, I decided that the game would be nothing more than GTA confined to a few blocks of Liberty City. Calling the game a pleasant ...

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REVIEW - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (NDS) 0

When Rockstar Games first announced Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the DS, everybody was looking forward to it, even with the lack of details at the time. Almost every week, more screens, trailers and details were being released which did their job – keeping people interested. But despite all of the build-up surrounding Chinatown Wars, there was always a chance of it being terrible. Luckily for everybody, it isn’t. In Chinatown Wars, you play as Huang Lee. Huang goes to Liberty City to ...

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The old days are back..... 0

First i thought,WOAH the next GTA seems like its gonna be great graphics and stuff,but i was wrong,its the old days REVENGE!  STORY: The story is just there is no story,HAHA!.No seriously,there is no god damn story,well you're just a guy trying to do shit with some drug shipments. GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is pretty good,it gives you a good experience and i'll bet 500 bucks you'll enjoy it!The weapons are such as Katanas,and ofcourse guns.And then theres just the normal gta history,do missions,kill...

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