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  • Cazic Touch - Every 30 seconds it inflict instant death for whomever has aggro
  • Shadowed Man Pet

Related Quests 

  • Enchanter Test of Incapacitation  
  • Magician Test of Displacement 
  • Monk Test of Tranquility 
  • Orb of Mastery (Magician Epic) 
  • Paladin Test of Compassion 
  • Rogue Test of Deception
  • Wizard Test of Preparation 


  • Black Sky Diamond 
  • Copper Air Band 
  • Crown of Elemental Mastery 
  • Decree of Quellious 
  • Golden Hilt 
  • Lightning Rod 
  • Replica of the Wyrm Queen 
  • Zeannor's Thesis Pg. 16    

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