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#1 Posted by HawkSE (267 posts) -

I'm such a huge fan of this game. I now own all the expansions and am really into playing it.

I had a small guild and now everyone's left so I was looking to see if there's anyone out there still playing it.

My main Lvl 20 character: Nam Ek Of Krypton

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#2 Posted by Corsaer (71 posts) -

I can't stand the loot system.  Don't really play anymore.

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#3 Posted by Doofa (23 posts) -

I was really into Nightfall for a bit but I burnt out pretty quickly.  I've wanted to hop back on but I always find it hard to start up an MMO again after not playing for months.

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#4 Posted by Caje (139 posts) -

I still play occasionally, my character is Marmaduke Caje.

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#5 Posted by AuthenticM (4308 posts) -

I have all of the chapters, but I stopped playing because the game is too slow-paced for me. I regret buying the games. Is it possible to sell them? I'm not sure because of the registration number tied to my account.

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#6 Posted by Jed (3 posts) -

Quite a nice game, though it isn't really my type.  I prefer playing with multiple people and it's just tough to find groups.  PvP isn't that fun for me, either - everyone uses the same set of skills and nobody has an original build.  I suppose if you bought a campaign with some of your friends and all sat down to play together, it'd be a blast, but I didn't do that.

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#7 Posted by mrhankey (781 posts) -

I own all the expansions and such as well, but honestly i think most GW players are bored and would just like to see GW2 released.

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#8 Posted by DazbotAthertron (1014 posts) -

I might come back on...

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#9 Posted by Excuberance (102 posts) -

I was really into the PvP-gaming back when I played. I actually never played a campaign through, always found PvP alot more entertaining. At least if you stayed far away from Heroes ascent, and had a good guild to play with. We never played twice with the same build, always switching  out, trying new combinations.

Ah, good times...

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#10 Posted by Hamz (6899 posts) -

I used to play this game like mad but recent skill reversions and the addition of Ursan have made this game a bore for me.

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#11 Posted by VACkillers (1286 posts) -

its an awsome game! i actually prefer this over WoW.... the graphics are just superb really i love how it looks, how it plays... i think the character creation stuff is of very high quality, Im a big eve-online player so i really dont get much chance to play this game much, but its easierly one of the best MMO's going by far. I would definitely would suggest it to anyone who likes MMOs, AND ITS FREE!! no monthly subscriptions.... how kool is that?

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#12 Posted by supperman (4 posts) -

I started GW as my first MMORPG before getting onto WoW. Having played both games, I must say that they both have their strengths and weaknesses. I like that GW is more about strategy in gameplay rather than gear, since even the epic gear one can get from endless grinding, really isn't any better than the endgame gear that any other player can get. With a limited number of skills one can bring into a fight, the real test is which skills one should choose and how best to make use of these skills in complement with your party. However, WoW, being subscription based, really rewards players who diligently spend time grinding/ raiding to get better and better gear. It can be pretty satisfying once you finally get the gear and seeing how much more powerful you become, so you feel that the grinding/ raiding is all 'worth it'.

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#13 Posted by HawkSE (267 posts) -

Well awesome. If there's anyone interested in getting together for some serious gaming, let me know.

I have a Guild, Cape, and a Hall. It's just me and a few inactive members.

Let me know for sure if you want to join, i'll send invites to join the guild.

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#14 Edited by Iansanity11 (20 posts) -

Played it since the start pretty much, still love it.  I'm only into the pvp  (GvG not tombs or whatever they call it now).  It is a bummer that the American Gvg scene is pretty empty most of the time even though America has the two of the best Guilds, but when you do get a good match it is a blast to play.

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#15 Posted by Heil68 (15 posts) -

I just got  this game not too long ago and I'm really enjoying playing it.

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#16 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Awesome Game!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont like some parts of it but  it is really fun, no grinding either.
My in game name is Blood Executioner btw

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#17 Posted by sculsoldi3r (1355 posts) -

Its a pretty good game. Im perma banned xD

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#18 Posted by Shade (121 posts) -

I really liked the game for many years, I've got thousands of hours logged on it. The only problem is that the game turns stale very quickly...sometimes you just feel that you're doing things for no reason. This is especially apparent after you hit lvl 20, unless you're into pvp, you're basically just grinding for cool loot. The only things that kept me playing were the upcoming releases, and now that I know it's over and the next thing is Guild Wars 2, I've basically lost any motive to play. Hopefully Guild Wars 2 turns out good.

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#19 Posted by lettuceman44 (122 posts) -

I still play this game! It is awesome.

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#20 Posted by Xero (183 posts) -

somehow the gameplay doesn't feel right for me.

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#21 Posted by Hans16 (47 posts) -

I used to play the game... haven't really touched it in a year. After a while it got boring and a lot of places were dead empty.

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#22 Posted by Excuberance (102 posts) -
Hamz said:
"I used to play this game like mad but recent skill reversions and the addition of Ursan have made this game a bore for me.

For me who haven't played for a long time, what is Ursan?
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#23 Posted by braniac911 (44 posts) -

I still play it, but its really boring PvE wise.  I can't wait of GW2.  I'm Cyber Ninja Jonny (rit/N)

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#24 Posted by Mistyshadow (293 posts) -

I got kinda of got bored of it after hitting lvl 20... not much PVE content after that... game seems more geared to PVP players.

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#25 Posted by HawkSE (267 posts) -

Ursan info:

Well I'm STILL trying to finish the story, hard to find good team-mates to complete the missions. I'm almost there. Then I want to move on to Eye of the North and do quests and dungeons.

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#26 Posted by supperman (4 posts) -

That's the thing about GW... because it's not subscription based, there's no incentive for the developers to want to keep people playing and clogging up the servers. Want new content? You need to pay to buy the expansion.

I heard that GW2 would have a consistent world, and *gasp* no subscription again. I hope it doesn't end up as terrible as all the other 'free' MMOs out there.

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#27 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -

i got done with it a while ago

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#28 Posted by Synchronatic (137 posts) -

I like it and still play it off and on. Nightfall only though, as that's the only one I own.

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#29 Posted by cirion (12 posts) -

Loved the story in this game, not a game i would cont to play and play but worth the cash i spent imo

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#30 Posted by sculsoldi3r (1355 posts) -

perma ban in GW ftw!!

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#31 Posted by elliooo (271 posts) -

I played Guild Wars religiously for about a year and a half when it first came out, own all the expansions except for Eye of the North - that came out just when I'd really had enough of it. Guild Wars really was an amazing game, can't wait to see what they bring out with Guild Wars 2.

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#32 Posted by HawkSE (267 posts) -

Yeah GW2 sounds amazing. I'm looking to party with some people to finish the main story and do Eye of the North expansion...

How do you people get perma banned???

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#33 Posted by Darkhadou (7 posts) -

Got back in to it, tis great. And as for the geezer that says it full of rude people...lulwut? Never in my 37 months of playing have I ever come across anyone flaming or having a go at someone for not having the appropriate level or skills. PUGs are crap in all games- so I can't really fauly you there. Should just play in a Guild or with people you know.

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#34 Posted by unclejohnny79 (689 posts) -

I want to try this game sometime

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#35 Posted by Knibbly (125 posts) -

Very fun game. Enjoy it while you can.

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#36 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

After about 300 hours of it, i didnt have much of a motavasion to play

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#37 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -
sculsoldi3r said:
"perma ban in GW ftw!!"
Thats not something to brag about ...
Thats shitty as hell
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#38 Posted by davecuk (165 posts) -

I don't play so much now, but put thousands of hours into the game. After doing pretty much all there is to do in the game multiple times over, it just got a little stale. I also don't like the whole PVE skills have different effects from PVP skills change.

 I'm still in one of the biggest and past "Guild of the Week" guilds though and pop on now and again.

I will certainly give GW2 a good play though on it's release.

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#39 Posted by keyhunter (3208 posts) -

I've been playing on and off for about 3 years. Right now I'm back into it trying to get as many stupid monuments as possible. I can't resist anything achievement like.
My character is Wman Willard

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#40 Posted by death919 (47 posts) -

Meh, I couldn't really get into it... I tried, played it for 35 hours, got to lvl 16 or 18, but I dunno, just didn't seem like there was alot to do at end game from what I've read... I really don't like how all gear has the same stats, and so the only point to PvE'ing to get new gear is for looks... I don't like that too much.  I also made a lvl 20 pvp character, but I dunno, I went back to WoW pretty quickly.

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#41 Posted by brooklyngrenade (492 posts) -

I go through "on and off" periods of playing it. I'm a level 9 Warrior/Elementist. It is a great game though.

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#42 Posted by Tomzombie6 (82 posts) -

i just want to play gw2 i play every so often i beat factions and gwen

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#43 Posted by sculsoldi3r (1355 posts) -
Cartman said:
"sculsoldi3r said:
"perma ban in GW ftw!!"
Thats not something to brag about ...
Thats shitty as hell
meh, ill return to gw2. fun game GAY mods
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#44 Posted by roblopez (61 posts) -

Played since day one, got 2 FOW sets, all classes max and all skills, rank 6 and then Nightfall came the community died, PvP died, 12 year old plague the game and I left about a 10 months ago. It was pretty fun though. I met my wife there and I'll be looking forward Guild Wars 2.

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#45 Posted by Jayge_ (10269 posts) -

I've played since day one, but stopped about a year ago. I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel, but I couldn't take the degradation of the community anymore.

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#46 Posted by Absurd (2932 posts) -

I used to play alot, I have 3 level 20s, 100k+ and Lots of materials and a set of 15k armor. I never really got any titles though, I was on my way there when I quit

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#47 Posted by Snoopy (40 posts) -

nerf abuse my anet, economy crashing months ago and drop rate for items are ridiculously low.....but i still play it

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#48 Posted by Bucketdeth (8252 posts) -

I played that game for a year and loved it, I was in a dedicated GvG guild, and I can`t wait for Guild Wars 2.

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#49 Posted by Tearhead (2436 posts) -

Wow, that game was like crack for me, I played it constantly for like 2-3 years, have all the expansion, but I haven't finished EOTN yet. Haven't played it for almost a year now though... just got boring, and friends stop playing, guild fell apart, bla bla.

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#50 Posted by manathirst (190 posts) -

I'm playing RA right now, I play RA for about an hour every day.

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