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    Guinness World Records: The Video Game

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 11, 2008

    Guinness World Records: The Videogame will allow players to experience the "thrill" of setting their own world records. This is done through "quick-fire action challenges" aka mini-games, doing anything from tightrope walking across the Grand Canyon to growing the world's longest, most disgusting fingernails.

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    With either your Wiimote and Nunchuk on the Wii or your stylus on the DS you try to set virtual world records in one of 36 minigames. Your score in these games can then be uploaded to online leaderboards on both versions of the game. There is even a chance that the top scorers will be featured in future versions of The Guinness Book of World Records.

    The Wii title sports 33 different mini-games, gathered into three tiers. Each mini-game can be unlocked independently if you have enough points to spend. Points are earned through playing already unlocked mini-games, and you are rewarded different amounts depending on your skill. Breaking a world record earns you around 1200 points, so you will have to replay a fair amount of the mini-games to unlock them all.

    List of mini-games (Wii)

    Tier 1 (unlocked from start)

    • Fastest Time to Tear 5 Phone Books
    • Fastest Time to Pull a Plane 50m
    • Highest Video Game Score
    • Highest BMX Jump
    • Most Tattooed Person
    • Longest Balance of a Vehicle on Your Head
    • Furthest Washing Machine Throw
    • Most Plungers Thrown in 1 Minute
    • Fastest Time to Eat 10 Cockroaches
    • Fastest Time to Shear 5 Sheep
    • Most Melons Crushed in 1 Minute

    Tier 2 (unlocked for 1000 points each)

    • Fastest Time to Eat a Plane
    • Longest BMX Jump
    • Highest Jump with a Pogo Stick
    • Fastest 100m Hurdles on a Unicycle
    • Furthest Toss of a Cow Pat
    • Fastest 100m Egg and Spoon
    • Land Speed Record
    • Tallest Building
    • Fastest 100m on a Space Hopper
    • Longest Motorcycle Jump
    • Fastest Time to Pop 100 Balloons

    Tier 3 (unlocked for 5000 points each)

    • Fastest Rocket
    • Fastest Time to Pluck 3 Turkeys
    • Fastest 50m Tightrope Walk
    • Longest Wing Walk
    • Fastest Time to Roll 5 Cars
    • Most Arrows Caught in 1 Minute
    • Fastest Time to Push a Lorry 50m
    • Furthest Human Cannonball
    • Most Dominoes Toppled
    • Longest Burp
    • Smelliest Mammal

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