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    Harlan Wade

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    Harlan Wade spent a large amount of his life as a scientist at Armacham. He was the one who kickstarted, and eventually shut down, Project Origin.

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    Harlan Wade is a supporting character in F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon. He is the lead scientist of Armacham and father of Alma Wade who he inserted into Project Origin, torturing his own daughter for years to experiment on her psychic power, and forcibly impregnating her twice to create "prototype" psychic commanders, resulting in her two sons, the Point Man and Paxton Fettel, who he also experimented on and abused in efforts to make them the perfect soldiers. Years later, overwhelmed with guilt, he releases Alma from her containment, at which point she immediately melts him down to a skeleton, killing him instantly.

    His voice is heard in recordings in F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, and Wade returns as a supporting character in F.3.A.R., in which a pregnant Alma's fear and pain regarding her approaching delivery result in the manifestation of her childish fears as terrible monsters; it also results in the creation of the Creep, a hideous, invincible creature representing her sons' traumatic memories of Harlan Wade's constant abuse. Apparently containing the consciousness of Harlan Wade, the Creep seeks to prevent Fettel and the Point Man from re-uniting with their mother, intending to find the power to make himself a god in the form of Alma's thirdborn child. In the end, the sons of Alma return to the Project Origin ward where they were raised and tortured by Harlan Wade, and purge their traumatic memories by destroying objects imbued with their psychic pain, such as the notebook where Harlan made notes on his twisted experiments. By purging these memories, the Creep's invulnerability is stripped from him, and the Point Man and Fettel are able to destroy the Creep, and Harlan Wade, once and for all. What happens after that, when they finally join their mother just as she is about to give birth, depends on which of her sons is stronger...


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