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    Alma Wade

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    Alma is the main specimen in Armacham Technology Corporations' experiment "Project Origin." She is an immensely powerful psychic, whose strength border on godlike, letting her melt humans down to the skeleton in seconds or lay waste to entire cities at will.

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    The mystery around this character is the core part of F.E.A.R.'s horror element. She is a power psion and often appears to the player character, shortly after disappearing. It is unknown if they are visions due to the playable character's relation to Alma or if she really is there. Most of the time she appears as a little girl with black, long hair in a red dress, but later in the game she is seen in her physical, adult woman form.


    Alma's childhood wasn't simple. She was a very powerful psychic and often had nightmares. It was the effect of the negative emotions around her, to which she was very sensitive. She is the daughter of Harlan Wade, who pioneered the Origin Project.

    When Alma was seven, she was forced to participate in Armacham Technology Corporation's "Project Origin", with the aim of creating psionics capable of creating supersoldiers. Two days before her eighth birthday, she was put into an induced coma and locked in the Vault, a secure location in the origin facility. She was impregnated twice, the father being her own genes (test tube pregnancy). The first prototype; the Point Man was born when she was 15. Her second child, Paxton Fettel, was born when she was 16, and shortly before the closure of the project. After the project was closed, her life support was cut and she died six days later. 


    Before the beginning of the game, the president of ATC - Genevieve Aristide - decides to reopen the origin facility and continue the project, but all the teams she sends down disappear. With the facility open again, Alma uses her powers to synchronize with Paxton Fettel's mind and free him from his cell. Alma forces Paxton to find the origin facility and free her physical form.

    Alma is often seen in the game, sometimes standing in the shadows, running past the Point Man or behind windows, but she always disappears shortly after. She is one of the main horror elements in the game. Her character and appearance are heavily inspired by eastern horror.

    She's often shown as a little, dark-haired girl in a red dress, but this changes in the second game when she takes the form of a naked, emaciated adult. Later on in the second game, when she has become psychically aware of the player, she appears as a naked, healthy, adult woman, instead of the little girl in red dress which originally thought to be her psychic image.
    Even though Alma looks threatening, she doesn't cause any harm to the player personally. Aside from horror elements, Alma should not be considered as a "boss" character, but merely a loose distraction to break up the action. The character of Alma Wade is used as a mascot to the F.E.A.R games, as she is usually on the cover. She is the main focus of the game, and finding out what happened to her is one of the greatest plotlines carved into the first F.E.A.R game.


    Alma's liquifying power.
    Alma's liquifying power.
    Because of Alma's telekinetic gifts, she has a number of powers she can possess whenever she pleases. Although Alma's complete mental strength is unknown. However she has shown off at least three different powers:

    Mind Control

    Although no proof has been given, it's believed that Alma controlled Paxton Fettel's mind, forcing him to attack ATC Buildings, attempting to save her.


    Alma has the ability to throw objects using her mind. The largest object she's been able to move is the Vault Door that was used to contain her. She also has the ability to move individual objects. For instance, ripping the skin off of a person's body, without affecting their bone structure. In addition to moving large objects and individual objects, Alma can also stop fast-moving pieces of matter, such as bullets, rendering her practically invulnerable.


    Alma may affect the minds of others, transmitting false stimuli such as sounds and images.

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