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    Killing Children

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    The act of killing a child is considered taboo in most games. There are, however, some games that allow this breed of tomfoolery.

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    Killing Children consists of games that allow the ability to kill them in various ways, however that doesn't mean we are forced or even suggested to do this in a game, but that there is simply the possibility.

    Lack of inclusion within games

    Most games are very careful to avoid including the ability to kill children due to the negative connotations of including such a feature in the game. Games that allow the player to kill random NPC's usually do not include children NPC's (e.g. the Grand Theft Auto series) or in cases where children are present, it is impossible to kill them (e.g. Fable II and Fallout New Vegas).

    Nevertheless, there are some games that may involve the possible death of a child as part of the narrative to add some emotional drama, such as the role-playing game Alundra or visual novel game Clannad, for example.


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