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    Harry Stewart

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    An eccentric entrepreneur who owns most of Greenvale. For reasons not made readily apparent, he always wears a gas mask and rarely speaks.

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    Harry Stewart is the mysterious owner of many of the businesses in the town of Greenvale, a town he has lived in for decades. He is limited to a wheelchair and constantly wears a gasmask. His manservant Michael often speaks for him, though he can speak with the assistance of a computer and synthetic voicebox. One cannot help but suspect Mr. Stewart knows a great deal about the true nature of the mysterious "Red Seed" killings due to his eccentricities and history with the town, but the odds of him revealing this information seems highly unlikely.

    Connection With The Raincoat Killer

    When York goes to visit Harry Stewart for the second time, Harry reveals all that he knows about the original Raincoat Killer from 50 years ago. The original Raincoat Killer was Harry's father who, like the rest of the town, had fallen into a rage when the military released purple gas from the top of the town's clock tower. All the citizens had the urge to kill each other, but Harry's father was stronger than the rest and could easily cut down anyone in his path. He even attacked Harry, his own son. The "new" Raincoat Killer is in fact Harry's son; George Woodman.


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