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    The Raincoat Killer

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    Once little more than local legend, the Raincoat Killer, or someone in his guise, has been ritualistically murdering young women in Greenvale. Perhaps even more frightening than his Red Seed-related butchery is his ability to follow Agent York into the strange imaginary otherworld, where he cannot be killed.

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    Mysterious figure behind the "Red Seed Killings," The Raincoat Killer is a popular myth in the town of Greenvale. All that is known is that he/she primarily targets young women and places red seeds on or in the victims. It is up to the local police force and FBI Agent Francis York Morgan to track this villain down.

    Connection With Harry Stewart

    When York goes to visit Harry Stewart for the second time, he reveals all that he knows about the real Raincoat Killer from 50 years ago. The original Raincoat Killer was Harry's father, who, like the rest of the town, had fallen into a psychotic rage when the military released purple gas from the top of the town's clock tower. All the citizens had the urge to kill each other, but Harry's father was stronger than the rest and could easily cut down anyone in his path. He even killed his own wife and attacked his son, but Harry survived his injuries. Exactly what happened to the Raincoat Killer after that is unknown.

    The New Raincoat Killer

    The New Raincoat Killer, the one committing murders in the year 2006 in the guise of the original, turns out to be Greenvale sheriff George Woodman, Harry's bastard son. At the end of the game Harry reveals to Zach that his real last name is Woodman. George effectively played the part of the killer and the sheriff investigating the case. He made it appear that he was trying to save Becky and Diane when he "accidentally" killed them, but he knew exactly what he was doing the whole time. After killing Carol he claims that he has gained godly powers and that he is invulnerable. However, he is killed by York (George's weak point was his back, most likely due to his mother constantly whipping his back when he was a boy) ending the reign of the New Raincoat Killer.


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