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 Thomas bustin' a move
Thomas bustin' a move

Thomas is a deputy in the small town of Greenvale. He is also an excellent baker, and his biscuits are highly regarded by many, including FBI agent Francis York Morgan. He is also a noted squirrel enthusiast and has taken the liberty to attach a variety of squirrel key-chains to the various keys around the police station to help differentiate them. In addition to his baking skills and vast rodent knowledge, Thomas cooks and mixes drinks most evenings at the Galaxy of Terror, a jazz bar owned by his sister, Carol MacLaine.

On rainy evenings, he holes up in his apartment, a well-kept, dingy room which is connected to his sister's much messier suite and plays jazz records, dancing slowly to the music.


It is eventually revealed that Greenvale sheriff George Woodman is in reality the New Raincoat Killer, and that Thomas and Carol are his accomplices. It is implied that both Carol and Thomas, who is secretly a cross-dresser, are in love with George, who views them as little more than substitutes for Emily Wyatt, who turned him down romantically and whom he lusts after. After York discovers the secret hideout behind the Galaxy of Terror, Thomas knocks him out and takes him to the clock tower. Emily follows the dog Willie to the clock tower and faces off against Thomas, defeating him in combat before watching as he accidentally stabs himself and then falls face-first onto a surprisingly sharp hook.

After that, despite being directly involved with the murders, Thomas is seen as a spirit, accompanying George's victims, the so-called "goddesses", wearing the same red dress and stilettos as the girls.

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