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    Emily Wyatt

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    Deputy Sheriff of the backwater town of Greenvale, the site of a series of brutal serial killings.

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    Emily Wyatt moved to Greenvale while still in high school. As a city girl, the country folk started numerous unfounded rumors about how "she'll put out for anyone". Her mother tragically passed away due to cancer before her graduation and Emily became a police officer shortly thereafter. Along with FBI agent Francis York Morgan and Greenvale sheriff George Woodman, Emily is tasked with tracking down the nefarious Raincoat Killer.

    Emily becomes close to York and his imaginary friend Zach and eventually forms intimate feelings for both of them, which makes more sense when it is revealed that Francis Zach Morgan is the real man, and York is the imaginary personality, the two of them having swapped places after a traumatic event in Zach's childhood. However, after Forrest Kaysen plants one of his evil red trees in her body, Emily kills herself by tearing out the red tree growing from her abdomen, after Zach refuses to kill her, so that the tree would never bloom and bring more evil red seeds into the world. In the end, she "lives" happily ever after with York and the "goddesses" by her side.


    • "The hotter the fever, the faster it cools."

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