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Family Game Night 3 is the third in Hasbro's Family Game series. It contains a collection of classic board games and is aimed at providing a "family" experience with generally simplified gameplay.



Mousetrap is a classic board game in which players roll dice to move along a game trail. Along the way, players earn cheese tokens and the chance to build "The Con-TRAP-tion," an elaborate Rube Goldberg device. At the end of the game trail, players circle 6 spaces. One space is a large piece of cheese, another gives players an opportunity to "Spin the Wheel." If a player spins the wheel while another player is on the cheese, the contraption goes off and the trap settles over the player on the cheese, eliminating him from the game.

Mousetrap contains a special mini-game when players land on the "build" spaces. Players must guide a marble through certain marked pieces in a manner similar to "Pipe Dream" in order to build 1, 2, or 3 contraption pieces.


Clue is a rather old board game in which players must solve a murder mystery through the process of elimination. Players roll dice, then walk around a mansion, either interrogating suspects or starting "rumors" to guess who may have committed the crime. Once players believe they can solve the crime, the approach the pool and make a guess.

In this version of Clue, players may enter into specific rooms and "interrogate" suspects, this causes a section of a covered picture to be revealed to all the players. This gives a clue to either the room or the weapon involved in the crime.

Players may also traverse the hallways of the house, standing on "?" squares to earn "Rumor Points." Once a player fills her "Rumor Bar," she may start a rumor. This involves choosing a room, weapon, and suspect, and guessing. The results are then revealed only to the guessing player.

Players may randomly play one of three minigames to earn Rumor Points, otherwise the computer just awards 1, 2 or 3 rumor points. The games include choosing the green case files from a group of red ones, a timing based game involved stopping the fingerprint brush next to the green finger prints, and a "hidden picture" mini game.


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