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Health Stations are often terminals placed in game levels that provide health to the player. The main distinguishing factor being that they can't be carried. Health stations often have to be activated by the player using the action button. Simply lingering nearby Health Stations is also a common method of use.

Versions and variants

Health Stations in some games are in the form of a wall terminal that must be activated by the player. Some games use operation tables, med-bots, vending machines and even medics. 

Limited health: 

The limited health variant of Health Stations can be found in games such as Half-Life. These Health Stations have a limited amount of health to dispense to the player and once they're gone, they're gone. 

Unlimited health: 

The unlimited health variant can be experienced in many games including System Shock. The main idea is that the player is able to return continuously to the Health Station and fill up on life. Generally the drawback to this is having to backtrack to find the Health Station again. Also, some unlimited Health Stations are kept in check by charging the player in-game currency in order to use.
There are occasions when Health Stations are mobile. You cannot carry them but they will sometimes travel to the players location for use. This is the case with the med-bots featured in the Deus Ex games.

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