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 Go forth and conquer!
 Go forth and conquer!
The games are very tactics-oriented. You generally begin with a single Hero unit and fight your way to gain new units, power them up or buy some new talent. 
Your single hero is the element you have control over and you can use him/her to capture resources, engage in combat and give bonuses to your growing army. Heroes also have special powers they can use to turn the tide of a battle. 
Your hero gains experience from each battle they win, making them stronger the more they fight. Veteran heroes are much stronger than newbie ones. Heroes persist through a single campaign, but don't carry over to your new scenario.


You start a game with a single hero unit and a town that you're in alliance with. Each town you can choose from features custom native heroes, bonuses or abilities. They also have a slight tendancy towards a specific type of magic.
The town you own are paramount to your success. With them you can gain gold, spend the gold to increase your military prowess and become a better army all around. A typical goal in many scenarios is to capture all enemy towns.
There is also a side objective that consists of finding a rare item hidden beneath a random tile in the map. 

Heroes I - Heroes II

Ultimate Artifact

Heroes III - Heroes IV


Heroes V

Tear of Asha 
As your hero is moved from obelisk to obelisk, pieces are moved from the treasure map, gradually giving you the location of the item. One you find it, it's capable of giving you tremendous power to completely annihilate your opponent.
 Typical grid based combat.
 Typical grid based combat.
Battles are generally fought in a grid based environment with each unit you have having a time before it can attack. You can move your units during a battle like chess pieces and attack your nearest opponent.

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