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High Noon is an action western video game released for the Commodore 64 in 1984. It was Developed and published in Europe by Ocean Software. In the USA this classic was released later in 1987 by Cosmi Corporation under their Celery Software label.


The player assumes the role of a western town sheriff who must defend his town from multiple waves of bandits. The player can shoot in a 360 degree fashion at enemies hiding in windows, on balconies and even riding on horseback. Some bandits try to steal women from the saloon or money from the bank. As you fight and bodies litter the street, an undertaker(Riga Mortis) will come out to collect the bodies.

Each wave ends in a climactic showdown between the player and the bandit leader in a one on one quick draw duel. While interesting, these events were easily won by hammering on the fire button, as you would not shoot until the computer let you and did not penalize you for hitting the button early.

Inspiration to modern games

Many of the elements seen in this game have shown up in more recent releases like Gun and Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood.

Elements such as Quickdraw events, saloon shootouts and enemies on horseback would become staples in the modern western game.

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