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    High Rock

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    High Rock is a province in northwestern Tamriel and home to both the Breton and Orc races in the Elder Scrolls series.

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    Home to the Bretons of Tamriel, High Rock lies in the northwest, bordering the provinces of Hammerfell and Skyrim. The majority of the region is rock and mountainous, with settlements carved into the sides of great hills and mountains. Nearer the coast, however, the climate is temperate and covered in patches of light forest, the perfect location for small fishing villages.  The rugged highlands reflect the nature of those living there, clans who constructed powerful strongholds to keep out rivals. This has led to the different clans being fiercely independent from one another, making High Rock an extremely divided province. Adding to this, Orsinium, the City-State of Orcs, lies on the southern tip. 
    It is often said, and rightly so, that history itself began in High Rock. The Admantine Tower, the oldest structure in existence, still stands in High Rock.


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