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    Hundred Years' War

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    A conflict between England and France over the rightful occupancy of the French throne, beginning in 1337. It lasted 116 years altogether, as hostilities ebbed and flowed.

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    The Hundred Years' War, fought mainly between England and France over a span of more than one hundred years during the 14th and 15th centuries, was one of the most important conflicts of the medieval era. This makes it a popular subject of medieval-themed video games, though a somewhat less common one than the Crusades. Joan of Arc's role in the war also inspired several games that follow her exploits.

    The English victories at Agincourt and Crécy are a popular subject of games that take place during the war, thanks in part to their portrayal in other famous works of fiction, especially Shakespeare's Henry V.


    The war was brought on, and continuously fueled, by disputes over succession to the throne of France. England's Edward III refused to pay tribute to France's Phillip VI, claiming that he himself was the rightful king of France. The ensuing war would mark the consecutive reigns of five English kings and five French kings in total.

    The Black Death, which raged for several years in the mid 14th century and killed anywhere from 30% to 60% of Europeans, put a halt to the war for a time.


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