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    The daughter of Tokugawa officer Tadakatsu Honda. As a playable character in the Samurai Warriors series, she uses a bow and arrows to fight.

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    In history, Ina was the daughter of the warrior Tadakatsu Honda during the Warring States era.  She was married to Nobuyuki Sanada, son of Masayuki Sanada and brother of Yukimura.  Following the death of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Ina and her husband sided with Ieyasu Tokugawa and his eastern army while Nobuyuki's father and brother sided with the western army, led by Mitsunari Ishida.
    Ina is most recognized for an incident that occurred at her home of Numata Castle in 1600.  While her husband was away, Masayuki and Yukimura stopped by while on their way to Ueda Castle.  Masayuki relayed a message to Ina, stating that he would like to see his grandchildren.  Ina's response was to emerge wearing battle attire and inform him that though he was her father-in-law, they were now on opposing sides and she would not allow them entrance.  Masayuki and Yukimura then withdrew to a temple, where Ina surprised them by arriving with her children in tow.

    Samurai Warriors

    Ina has made regular appearances in the Samurai Warriors series beginning with Samurai Warriors:  Xtreme Legends.  In these games, she fights using a bow with bladed ends.  She is depicted as being a young warrior that has learned much from her father Tadakatsu, though her story is dramatically different in each entry in the series.  Additionally, the Samurai Warriors series often depicts the encounter at Numata Castle as an actual battle in which Ina must lead soldiers in a fight to resist the Sanada.
    In Ina's true ending in Samurai Warriors:  Xtreme Legends, Ina's efforts allow the Tokugawa to claim victory over the Toyotomi forces while also allowing the Toyotomi and Sanada clans to continue on.  She also becomes friends with Kunoichi, whom she introduces to her new baby.  In Ina's alternate ending, she fails to heed her father's warnings and falls too deep into the thirst for battle, resulting in the deaths of the Saika, the Toyotomi, and the Sanada.
    In Samurai Warriors 2, Ina falls in love with Sakon Shima, a strategist that had worked for Hideyoshi Toyotomi.  However, after Sakon sides with Mitsunari Ishida following Hideyoshi's death, Ina is forced to kill him.
    In Samurai Warriors 3, Ina's story focuses on her relationship with her brother-in-law Yukimura.  The two share a great respect for each other as warriors, even when on opposing sides.  In her ending, she mourns Yukimura's death at Osaka Castle with hope that he may still be alive.   

    Kessen III

    Ina was included as an unlockable character in Kessen III.  To unlock her, the player must upload save data from Samurai Warriors:  Xtreme Legends.  Once unlocked, Ina becomes available as a playable character, though she has no importance to the story.

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