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    Warriors Orochi Z

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Nov 27, 2009

    An anthology of the Warriors Orochi games, ported to the PlayStation 3.

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    Orochi Z combines Musou Orochi and Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin, with over 90 playable characters and 140 stories. Familiar elements like the ability to easily fuse weapons, team attacks, and 3-character teams (now with player 2 able to choose their own separate team) return in this entry. Gyuuki and Dodomeki, both incomplete and usable as Versus-arena only in Maou Sairin, are now fully playable, as well as other new characters like Benkei and Sanzang Faishi. Characters have new alternate costumes (such as their Dynasty Warriors 6 models for the Chinese characters), and there have been expansions in Dream Modes allowing variant story exploration, such as Da Ji freeing Orochi from the Mystics or Orochi winning the Battle of Koshi Castle. Graphics and AI aggressiveness were reworked to take advantage of the PS3, including more soldiers on the battlefield.

    Koei had plans to localize the game in Europe and America, but Sony canceled these due to "concerns about ratings".

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