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inFamous is a major contender for PS3 Game of the Year
inFamous is a major contender for PS3 Game of the Year
inFamous is a game that includes elements of other games that we have all seen before. Open-World gameplay, Moral Choices, Good and Bad Side. It has all that. But Sucker Punch has crafted a game using those elements and made something that is truly electrifying and a major reason to own a PlayStation 3.

Without giving anything away, The story of inFamous begins when Bike Messenger Cole McGrath is delivering a package which is actually a bomb that completely devastates Empire City. The Blast not only spares Cole from certain death, it gives him powers to control electricity in very amazing and fun ways that become upgradable throughout the course of the game. Many Missions contain Karma decisions, which allow the player to choose how they want people to portray Cole. Good and Infamous are the opposite maximum results of the Karma decisions, and both feature exclusive powers and missions, so to see and do everything in this game, you have to play it twice, which shouldn't be a problem since it's so much fun!
Empire City Needs your help, but the choice to save it is yours to make.
Empire City Needs your help, but the choice to save it is yours to make.

Gameplay consist of story and side missions scattered across Empire City. There are also collectible shards which increases your power meter. The major moves you learn later on take up a lot of the bar, so spending a little time collecting shards will help you in the long run. inFamous features many boss encounters, and each offer great variety and tactics to overcome your foes.

What's great about this game to me is that it contains a lot of elements I have seen before in games, but few are as well put together in my opinion as inFamous is. Sucker Punch is also the creator of one of my favorite PS2 series, Sly Cooper, and their experience with PlayStation technology definitely shines in this game, which is also their first and hopefully not their last PS3 offering.
Sucker Punch created an amazing  game for their PS3 debut
Sucker Punch created an amazing game for their PS3 debut

If you have a PlayStation 3, buy this game, or play the demo like crazy until you have enough money to buy it. This is one game I hope will have a sequel in the future. It has a great story, gameplay, and well, it's SHOCKINGLY Good!


+Great Original Story and interesting Characters
+Fun and Satisfying gameplay throughout the roughly 20 hours+ adventure
+Tons of Missions to do for those wanting to be Good or Bad

-All these powers still can't overcome cheap, annoying enemies's eventually over.

Best. Original Comic Book Game. Ever
Best. Original Comic Book Game. Ever

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