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    Ingrid Hunnigan

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Ingrid Hunnigan is Leon S. Kennedy's support and radio contact throughout the Resident Evil franchise after he becomes a US Government agent.

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    Resident Evil 4

    In Resident Evil 4 Ingrid serves as Leon's information and tactical support. She gives him info and intel on the mission and always tells him what he needs to do next. She also provides the player with a "playing manual" early on and will point the player in the general direction if they get sidetracked.

    Once Leon and Ashley reach the castle however, Ramon Salazar "jacks the line" and she loses contact with Leon. At the end of the game Leon is able to re-establish contact with Ingird and tell her that his mission was successful. She is not wearing her glasses at that time and Leon comments that she is cute and requests her phone number. Ingrid shoots him down stating that he is still on the clock.

    Resident Evil 6

    The trailer for Resident Evil 6 contains a women who appears to be Hunnigan discussing the severity of the zombie outbreak in Tall Oaks. It is unknown exactly how large of a role she will play in the game.

    Resident Evil: Degeneration

    Ingrid makes a cameo in the CGI Film Degeneration continuing to do what she does best. Hunnigan called in the Marines to help clear out the T-Virus infestation in the Harvardville Airport.



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