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    Ashley Graham

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    Ashley Graham is daughter of the President of the United States. Leon S. Kennedy's mission during the events of Resident Evil 4, is to rescue Ashley.

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    Ashley Graham is the daughter of the President of the United States and a major supporting and briefly playable character in Resident Evil 4. Ashley is kidnapped by Jack Krauser while she is in Europe and brought to a Spanish village under the control of Los Illuminados. Krauser abducts her for the cult leader Osmund Saddler who intends to implant Ashley with one of their Los Plagas parasites. Krauser however has his own agenda and only used Ashley to get into Saddler's good graces. Leon S. Kennedy is dispatched to rescue her and bring her back to the United States.

    Leon finds Ashley held captive in one of the churches and Ashley initially thinks he is a member of Los Illuminados. She tosses several small items at him until Leon holsters his weapon and convinces her that her father sent him to rescue her. As the pair prepare to leave the church they come face to face with Osmund Saddler for the first time. He states that he intends to ransom Ashley for money. Leon notices the guards raising their crossbows and pulls Ashley along with him and the pair jump through a nearby window to avoid a barrage of flaming crossbow bolts.

    Arriving at a cabin, Ashley meets Luis Sera, who immediately comments about her figure, much to Ashley's disgust. After introductions are made Ashley notes that a horde of villagers are approaching. Leon and Luis fight off the townspeople, all the while Ashley is hiding (per Leon's orders) in a closet upstairs. After fighting off the people Luis leaves to go get something and Ashley and Leon prepare to go meet their rendezvous, unfortunately it is shot down before arriving.

    Leon and Ashley then fight their way to a nearby castle but this proves to be a tactical error as the castellan of said castle, Ramon Salazar, is a member of Los Illuminados. Upon learning that she and Leon have both been injected with the parasites, and that the parasites have begun to mature, Ashley panics and runs away from Leon only to become separated by spears, then separated by a booby trap.

    Leon manages to save Ashley from the cultists and after solving several involved puzzles, Ashley is reunited with Leon (much to her joy). Ashley has become very fond of her protector by this time but it is unclear if Leon is keeping her at arms reach emotionally due to the nature of the assignment, her position as the first daughter, or just uninterested in her. Ashely also helps Leon at various where Leon literally watches her back while she either activates bridges, or drives proving she's not just a mere damsel in distress.

    However, Ashley is once again abducted while in the castle, this time by a Novistador (a giant flying bug) and with the parasite near full maturity, Salazar and Saddler now have more mental control over her. They prepare a ceremony but Leon manages to free Ashley with the assistance of Ada Wong and using a device built by researcher Luis Sera, the duo are able to finally destroy the Plagas within their bodies, thus riding them of Saddler's influence over them.

    Leon leaves Ashley just prior to doing battle with Saddler and upon his return grabs Ashley as the island they are on has been rigged to explode by Ada Wong. Leon manages to get them off the island via a jetski and after momentarily becoming separated (due to Ashley falling off the Jetski due to the rough landing) the pair begin their travel back to civilization. As they start their journey Ashley invites Leon back to her place for some "overtime" but Leon politely declines. Ashley inquires to Ada's identity and Leon says she's a part of him that he can't get rid of, and leaves it at that. The couple then ride off into the sunset.


    Ashley's default costume is an orange sleeveless sweater, a green plaid skirt, and large brown boots.

    Her alternate costume (upon completing the game) is a more revealing pop star like outfit.

    Her final outfit (available after defeating Separate Ways) is a suit of armor that protects Ashley from harm. Leon can even ricochet bullets off of it.


    Ashley is voiced by Carolyn Lawrence


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