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    Ivy Valentine

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    Ivy is the busty femme fatale of the Soul Calibur series. She is known for her whip-like sword, conspicuous lack of clothing, and voluptuous figure.

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    Ivy is a character that was created for the Soul fighting game series. She has appeared in many of the Soul games including the latest game, Soul Calibur V.


    Ivy (full name Isabella Valentine) hails from London, England of which she was raised by Earl and Countess Valentine. Earl Valentine was a practitioner of alchemy and was driven to madness by his pursuit for the cursed blade, Soul Edge. His ongoing efforts to search for Soul Edge eventually led him to his grave along with his family's fortunes which left the family in ruins. The Countess fell ill and passed away shortly after, leaving Ivy the sole surviving member of the Valentine family.

    After receiving a will left behind after the Countess death, Ivy discovered that she was not a true Valentine by birth. Ivy found out that she was found abandoned at the doorstep of their mansion when she was a baby and she was adopted into the family. After reading this, Ivy had no intention of finding her real parents as the Valentines were the only parents she came to know.

    Ivy decided to obey the last wishes of her adopted father, and she continued the search for Soul Edge and began to study alchemy. During her investigation, Ivy discovered the true purpose of the sword- it was an evil blade that feasted on souls. To avenge the death of her father, Ivy swore to use all of her power to destroy it. She used strange powers through numerous rituals to summon a mysterious individual who gave life to a mechanical, whip-like sword she crafted of which she called 'Ivy Blade'.

    Game Appearances

    Soul Calibur

    Ivy in SC1
    Ivy in SC1

    Ivy discovered that her sword had developed a will of its own and it protected her on her journey to destroy the cursed sword, Soul Edge. On her journey, she crossed paths with Nightmare and discovered that he was the one who breathed life into her beloved blade. As thanks for helping her, Ivy agreed to help assist Nightmare in summoning souls, without the knowledge that it was all part of the evil sword's plans. Ivy soon found out that it was Nightmare who wielded Soul Edge all along after he was defeated and the evil blade shattered. Ivy knew that this meant that the blade she forged to destroy Soul Edge had life thanks to the power of the evil blade. As she was making her way out of the castle, she was confronted by the ninja, Taki. Taki sensed a evil within Ivy and told her that she was the daughter of the dread pirate Cervantes and that she had evil blood within her. Shocked and angry about the discovery of her true lineage, she attacked Taki and decided to retreat back to her London mansion.

    Soul Calibur II

    Ivy in SCII
    Ivy in SCII

    Ivy locked herself away in her laboratory in solitude and tries countless times to destroy the Ivy Blade, which was now a symbol of her self-hatred and regret. She could not bring herself to actually break the sword however as she shared the same evil in her blood as the sword. After months of searching, Ivy emerged from her laboratory with a new resolve. Her mission was not to destroy Soul Edge, but to completely wipe it out of existence along with everything that was tainted by it, including herself. She renamed her sword 'Valentine' to show her commitment. She also acquired information about fragments of Soul Edge being scattered around the word and set off on her new journey.

    Soul Calibur III

    Ivy in SC3
    Ivy in SC3

    Ivy committed herself to destroy every fragment of Soul Edge and anyone who carried its tainted bloodline or was possessed by its evil. Nothing would stop her from destroying the cursed blade, even if it meant killing innocent people who stood in her way. The only thing that mattered to Ivy was to obliterate the evil sword's existence completely and insure that its existence was completely erased from the world.

    Soul Calibur IV

    Ivy in SC4
    Ivy in SC4

    Ivy was attacked and defeated in battle by her biological father, Cervantes. After defeating her, Cervantes absorbed her soul into Soul Edge, which nearly killed her. Ivy managed to survive by creating a artificial soul to keep herself alive for a short period of time until she managed to locate the blade and free herself from its evil lineage. In the end, Ivy managed to track down Cervantes and she defeated and killed him in battle.

    Soul Calibur V

    Ivy in SC5
    Ivy in SC5

    Ivy made her way to Ostrheinsburg castle so that she could destroy Soul Edge once and for all but instead she came across her father, Cervantes. They had a fierce battle and Ivy managed to ruthlessly dispatch her father in their final duel that ultimately ended in her father's death. Before she could move on to her quarry, the sky tore apart and Soul Edge's physical form shattered disappearing into the rift above. Ivy spent a lifetime studying the cursed sword's destruction and rebirth and was convinced that Soul Edge was spending its time in a different dimension, waiting for the day it could be brought back into the world. For a decade, Ivy researched the place where the sword could be located of which she called Astral Chaos and set out to destroy it once and for all.


    Ivy is believed to be a evil character due to her Machiavellian philosophy and the dramatic words she uses when facing her opponents. However, beneath her cold demeanour is a heart that wishes to be free from a cursed life under the influence of Soul Edge. Overall, Ivy is considered by many to be a neutrally-aligned character.


    Ivy's overall recurring theme of her costumes is that of a dominatrix. Ivy is the first character of the Soul series seen wearing a very revealing costume, with a massive amount of cleavage and her thighs and hips exposed. Purple and gold are a recurring colour scheme in her outfits excepts for Soul Calibur III where her costume is white. Ivy's costume in Soul Calibur V is the most conservative up to date, with a colour scheme similar to Soul Calibur III. Ivy has remained with the same short haircut throughout the series and always wears armor over her left shoulder and hand in the P1 outfits. In her 2P outfits, Ivy is often seen wearing masculine clothes or very elegant dresses. In Soul Calibur V, her secondary costume It is a golden, low cut suit revealing her navel. In this outfit, Ivy wears a golden choker in the shape of a snake This costume has a resemblance to Anna Williams' zebra suit,and Nina William's leopard suit in the Tekken series.

    Weapons and Fighting Style

    Ivy's Weapon- Valentine
    Ivy's Weapon- Valentine

    Ivy's primary weapon is a snake sword that has the ability to expand and contract at will. Ivy created the weapon herself basing its design on Asian whips that resulted in the creation of her weapon of which she named 'Valentine'. The sword has a life of its own after it was brought to life by Soul Edge and by the use of black magic. In combat, Ivy uses a unique fighting style that uses both long and short range attacks. She changes her stance along with her sword's length whether it is coiled, in sword state or in a whip form and her speed and kicks are average. Ivy has very powerful throw moves and her two signature moves are capable of dealing a lot of damage. Ivy is regarded as a low to high- tire character to use because it can be difficult for the player to perform some of her moves and throws.

    Critical Edge

    This is an unblockable move where Ivy grabs her opponent and her sword shatters into pieces and stick into their body. While they are in the air, the sword pieces slash the opponent and slams them onto the ground.


    • Ivy acts as a motherly figure towards the younger fighters in Soul Calibur V.
    • Ivy and Nightmare are the only two characters in the series that have their portraits featured in a fighting stage.
    • Ivy stands at 5'10" making her the tallest female in the series.
    • Ivy's nickname is "Twisting Blade of Solitude".
    • Ivy's knowledge of alchemy possibly makes her one of the more intelligent characters in the series.

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