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    Patroklos Alexandra

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    Patroklos is the son of Soul series stalwart Sophitia, who has since been slain by a possessed human called a "Malfested". Patroklos journeys across the world seeking his long-lost sister Pyrrha, and seeking the deaths of all Malfested he can find.

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    Patroklos is one of the playable characters in Soul Calibur V, and the main protagonist of its story mode. He is the son of Sophitia, and uses a fighting style and moveset similar to that of his mother and his aunt, Cassandra. His weapon style, like that of everyone else in the Alexandra family, utilizes a shortsword and shield. His primary motivation in the story is to seek out his long-lost sister, Pyrrha, and ends up becoming the new wielder of the spirit sword Soul Calibur along the way. However, he ultimately realizes that the sword's goals aren't as altruistic as was once believed, and is forced to do battle with its living incarnation, Elysium.

    At the beginning of the story, Patroklos is an arrogant, overconfident young man whose hatred of Malfested allows him to be easily manipulated. It isn't until later that he realizes that many of those whom he was led to believe were Malfested were in fact just normal people. His faith in his cause is shaken to its core when he discovers that Pyrrha herself is a true Malfested; one that had been thoroughly corrupted into a new wielder of Soul Edge. Realizing the horrific mistakes he had made, he vows to make up for the wrongs he had committed.

    It is revealed roughly halfway through Soul Calibur V's story mode that while Patroklos is quite skilled at the sword-and-shield form used by his mother, aunt, and sister, he is only using it to honor his family. His true style is a longsword form that involves quick draws and returning the sword to its scabbard after every attack; a style very similar to the one used by former Soul Calibur character Setsuka. A separate character, "Alpha Patroklos", who uses this fighting style, can be selected as a character unique from the "standard" form of Patroklos.


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