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    Johnny Bazookatone

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Feb 22, 1996

    Johnny Bazookatone is a side scrolling platformer developed by Arc Developments for the 3DO, Playstation, Sega Saturn and DOS computer platforms in 1995.

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    The game follows the guitar-wielding, purple-goatee-touting protagonist, Johnny Bazookatone. The year is 2055, and through the music of Johnny and his fellow musicians, the world has entered a new age of peace and harmony. This ends abruptly as the games main villain, Mr. L. Diablo, Lord of the Underworld, steals Johnny's dearest possession and greatest love, his guitar "Anita". With Johnny out of the way, L. Diablo proceeds to have his minions capture and imprison all the other musical legends of the world.

    Equipped with a new guitar doubling as a machine gun, Johnny sets out on a journey through Sin Sin Prison to save "Anita" and the other legendary musicians from the clutches of L. Diablo and his minions, traveling through the levels by flying through the air using his machine gun guitar as a jet pack, or racing through the prison sewers on a rocket equipped wheelchair and more.

    In addition to the wailing guitar sound track, you are also treated to a short jam session with each of the legendary musicians when you release them from their prison cells as you progress through the game.


    The game features five worlds, each of which contains between two and five levels. The following list is taken from the game's manual:

    1. Prison

    (In this spooky place, danger lurks around every corner)

    - Prison Graveyard

    • Skeletons - 500 Points

    - Prison Courtyard

    • Thugs - Try and avoid these guys.
    • Klaxon - Find something to shut him up!
    • Guard Dogs - Stay clear, they bite.
    • Bouncing Mushrooms - These enable you to reach different heights. Various colors may do different things.

    -Prison Cells

    • Mattresses - Use these to bounce on.
    • Keys - Use these to open locked doors.

    -River Styx

    • Piranha - 200 Points
    • Charon - Ferryman, you must pay your way!
    • Jazz Guy - Collect 100,000 Points for rescuing.
    • Sushi - Collect 50,000 Points for defeating.

    2. Hotel

    -The Lobby

    • Suitcases - Use these to bounce on.
    • Teleporter - these teleport you from place to place. Places that you may not be able to get to normally.
    • Rotating Chairs - Use these to make your way to the top.
    • Elevators - First, you must make sure you are standing directly in front of the elevator, then you must press either Up or Down and Button X on the Pad to enter and go up or down.
    • Lamp - 200 Points
    • Vine - 200 Points
    • The Ticket - 50,000 Points
    • the Clock Tower - This is the entrance into the Attic. You may find some interesting items!

    - The Attic

    • Generator - Try to start it, 5,000 Points.
    • Winch - This is used for the elevators.
    • Crazy Old Man - Collect 50,000 Points for defeating.

    - The Disco

    • Bouncer - You need to give him something in order to enter the disco.
    • Dancers - Bounce on their heads when they stop dancing.
    • Concierge - Collect 50,000 Points for defeating.
    • Soul Guy - Collect 100,000 Points for rescuing him.

    3. Restaurant

    (This is a very fast-paced, exuberant place where anything could be a hazard.)

    - The Dining Room

    • Pig - Only shoot when he smiles! 500 Points
    • Jelly - Good for bouncing on.
    • Fly - 500 Points
    • -Chicken - 500 Points
    • Dumb Waiter - Food just keeps coming.
    • Fat Guy - This guy is always hungry!

    - The Vents

    (Negotiate your way around the maze.)

    • Switches - Shoot these for a breath of fresh air.

    - The Kitchen

    (Make a Souffle for an uplifting experience.)

    • Bag of Flour - 200 Points
    • Cup Cake - Bouncy things.
    • Eggs - 200 Points
    • Mouse Trap - This could take you to new heights.
    • Saucepan - Could give you an uplifting experience.
    • Burgers - Use these to cross hazards.
    • Toaster - This could take you to new heights.
    • Teleporting Tins - Play this game and win big.
    • Head Chef - Collect 50,000 Points for defeating him.
    • Techno Kid - Collect 100,000 Points for rescuing him.

    4. Hospital

    - The Reception

    (you usually get seen right away, but not here. It is very busy and unless you shorten the line, you will have to wait.)

    • Sick Imps - Maybe if you give these guys something, they will leave. 10,000 Points each.
    • Shock Nurse - 1,000 Points

    - The Wards

    (Please be quiet, Imps are asleep, but there may be something you need to collect!)

    • Viruses - These could cure, eventually!

    - The Morgue

    (Stereo equipment could be useful.)

    - The Vent Chase

    (Negotiate your way around the maze.)

    - The Lab

    (Probably the most important room, where you must perform an important procedure, but beware: You may get squashed.)

    • Doc Lumphammer - Try and distract him!
    • Virus Machine - Cure something with this machine!

    - The Surgery

    (You must try and defeat Doc Buzzsaw three times in his various guises.)

    • Doc Buzzsaw - Collect 50,000 Points for defeating.
    • Rock Guy - Collect 100,000 Points for rescuing.

    5. Penthouse

    - The TV Room

    • Kung Fu Imp - He is a Kung Fu expert. You collect 5,000 Points for defeating this Imp.
    • Roman Imp - He is obsessed with war and his tactics are second-to-none. You collect 5,000 Points for defeating this Imp.
    • Sci-Fi Imp - He is obsessed with Science Fiction. You collect 5,000 Points for defeating this Imp.
    • Western Imp - He is obsessed with the Good Old Wild West. You collect 5,000 Points for defeating this Imp.

    - El Diablo's Domain

    (You must defeat El Diablo in order to rescue Anita, your favorite Guitar.)

    • El Diablo - Collect 50,000 Points for defeating him.
    • Anita - Collect 100,000 Points for rescuing her.

    General Items

    (This list is from the game's instruction manual.)

    • Single Note - 10 Points / 1 Note (1,000 for an extra life)
    • Treble Clef - 100 Points / 10 Notes (1,000 for an extra life)
    • Bronze Star - 1 Energy Point
    • Silver Star - 2 Energy Points
    • Gold Star - 3 Energy Points
    • Rainbow Note - Collect 7 in any order to get 100,000 Points. Collect in right order and get taken to a Bonus Room.
    • Good Imp - Gives you a continue.
    • Johnny Head - Gives you an extra life.
    • Legion - Once in range, Legion will Home in on you and will start to bud. Try and clear all the Buds or they will chase you. 100 Points for individual Buds.


    (Default controls: These can be changed in the Options Menu.)

    • D-Pad - Movement
    • Button A - Johnny will begin firing his guitar when the A Button is hit. When firing, Johnny will not be able to walk or run. The D-Pad will control the direction of the shooting.
    • Button B - If you press the B Button, Johnny will jump. Johnny's Jump height is dependent on how long the button is held down and whether you also have the Run button held down
    • Button C - This is the power-up weapon. Holding down the C Button and then releasing it will fire the powered-up blast. The longer the button is held down, the bigger the blast.
    • Button X - To enter an elevator (certain levels only) choose Up or Down with the D-Pad, depending on which direction you want to go, and then press Button X.
    • Left Shoulder Button - Suck Up / Release Object.
    • Right Shoulder Button - This will make Johnny do a Punk Pogo spin attack. It will also begin the run if held down. You can press this in mid-jump and Johnny will run when lands, if it is still held down.
    • When falling or jumping, Johnny can aim downward and begin shooting rapidly, by using Button A. This will cause Johnny to hover, falling slowly. If you also use your spin attack while hovering, you will be able to travel much further.


    - Producer

    - TEAM Q A

    - TEAM Marketing

    -Creative Services

    Music CD

    Some releases also came with a music CD based on the game's musical score, featuring Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.

    Music Composer(s): Andi McGinty, Des Tong

    Contributing Artist(s): Mike Hehir, Chris "Snake" Davis, Cissy Stone

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    OST track list:

    01 - Johnny B. Theme
    02 - Deadbolt
    03 - Breakout
    04 - The River Styx
    05 - Hotel Demonique
    06 - Pendulum
    07 - Higher Five
    08 - Technoease
    09 - Like Headless Chickens
    10 - 2 Second Memory
    11 - Sushi the Shark
    12 - Pots 'n' Pans
    13 - Get Well Soon
    14 - What's on Now?
    15 - The Battle of El Diablo
    16 - Hot Air
    17 - Down Draught
    18 - Just Sax Me Up
    19 - I'm a Soul Man
    20 - Scream at the Devil
    21 - The Techno Kid
    22 - Longing for Anita
    23 - Set Me Free
    24 - Bonus Track

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