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    Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Oct 15, 2003

    A licensed first-person shooter created by Rebellion featuring the popular 2000AD comic book character Judge Dredd.

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    Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death follows Dredd on several objective-based missions linked to the escape of the Dark Judges and their resulting rampage on Mega City One.

    Dredd uses his default "Lawgiver" pistol with its six different modes (using up varying amounts of ammo depending on power), as well as an array of Judge and citizen weaponry, to bring in "perps" and stop the evil Dark Judges. Dredd can earn more points on missions by arresting criminals instead of killing them outright which, when added to a number of other factors such as the time spent to beat the mission and pick-ups found, grant the player a higher rank at the summary screen. Criminals will surrender if they receive too much damage or are stunned by one of Dredd's gas grenades. They will also give up if they are disarmed by a well-placed shot to the gun-holding hand.

    As well as arrestable human enemies there are several inhuman ones in the form of special cultists worshiping the Dark Judges and several of the Dark Judges' victims which have been turned into zombies and vampires. These are mindlessly loyal to the Dark Judges and need to be eliminated. When fighting the Dark Judges themselves, they need to be trapped in their current physical forms so their ethereal forms don't escape and find new bodies to inhabit. This involves several puzzle-based boss encounters.


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