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Is this cause really just?

Dropped off on the, for a game world, fictional giant island of Panua, you are tasked to overthrow the militarian dictator Baby Panay who has the island in an iron grip. You are Rico Rodriguez, the protagonist returning from the first Just Cause, sent by "the agency" to redeem the people of Panau from their oppressor. To accomplish this, you will side with various rebel factions already set on revolution, for more or less ideological purposes. 
You will help the rebel faction take over stronghold, kill government officials, and generally cause chaos to extend their area of influence on Panau. The word "Chaos" is key here, as it is one of the games two currencies. The first one is dollars, which you will use to obtain vehicles and weapons (though you can opt to hijack vehicles and loot weapons to save money). The second one is the aforementioned "Chaos", which helps to undermine the goverment. You will gain both of these when completing missions, and additional chaos for spreading chaos on the island, usually meaning destroying government property marked with the white Panauan star. 

 The island of Panau is large, varied and beautiful     
 The island of Panau is large, varied and beautiful     
Just Cause 2 is played from a third person perspective, akin to other open-world games like GTA4. The controls dont feel as tight as most other third person games however, and the gunplay isn't what will pull you back for more. What does make this game worth playing for hours on end is the beautiful world, and the ability to run around and do whatever you want in it. You are armed with a grappling hook, the star of this game, that can latch on to anything with an incredible reach. Combined with your always-ready-to-be-deployed parachute, you can quickly become airborne and travel around Panau.  
Traveling around the giant island (you will often find that your destinations are more than 15 kilometers away), hijacking planes and helicopters and generally causing havoc is a blast, though it becomes a bit repetetive after a while. The story missions aren't very varied either, with a lot of recurring mission types and mission dialogue. Beside the story missions, you can compete in different staged races, but other than that, your left to entertain yourself. The main story itself is not of very high quality, with almost no rememberable or likeable characters, most notably the main protagonist isn't easy to identiy with. 
Despite falling short in a number of areas, Just Cause 2 is still fun, and with an enormous game world, fans of open-world games will most likely feel like this a worthy purchase.

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