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Review : Justice League Heroes ( PSP ) 1

I tried a few similar games. Namely , Marvel Ultimate Alliance , Dungeon Siege Throne of Agony, and Untold Legends. Justice League heroes far exceeds my expectations in a dozen ways. Marvel Ultimate Alliance was disappointing due to its somewhat jerky frame rate and basic graphics. Dungeon Siege was great. Untold Legends was awesome. But Justice League was superb !! Pros: 1. Innovative skill system. After leveling-up , u get to allocate skill points to 5 character-specific skills or a few passi...

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Justice League Heroes was a short and mindless button masher. 0

I'm honestly not a Justice League fan.  I'm not a fan of comic books in general, and when I was a fan of comic books, I mostly read Marvel Universe stuff.  DC comics always felt... old to me.  So I'm hardly a fanboy for the IP in this game.  You can play through the game with the 7 mandatory characters.  Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, The Flash and The Green Lantern: John Stewart.  I wasn't even familiar with John Stewart (I know the white Green Lantern and Green Arr...

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Justice League Heroes is an unexpected failure for Snowblind. 2

DC Comics is home to some interesting superheroes but it has never managed to break into other mediums very well. The movies have always been a hit and miss affair, mostly miss, and the games have usually been horrific messes. The only major hit’s for DC have been the cartoons: Batman the Animated Series, Superman and Justice League were all great cartoons. So when it was announced that the Justice League would be coming to the consoles, I was pretty excited. If they could muster half of the coo...

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One Word Review - Forceful 0

One Word Review:  Justice League Heroes   Review: Forceful   I rushed through this game like a bullet train in Japan. It wasn’t too short. My play through was roughly around 8 hours or so. The other reviewers that I read had the game around the same play time. The game just held me pretty well for the time that it spent in my hands. I played the game on the PSP, which may have helped with its accessibility; I was able to take the game on the bus, to the coffee shop, or even to the bathroom. So, ...

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