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K-9 is the unwilling robotic assistant to Doc Schreber at the Enclave's Navarro oil rig. K-9 was morally opposed to the twisted experiments being done by Doctor Schreber so he tried to attack the doctor but was unable to kill him; as punishment the doctor removed the components that allow K-9 to move his legs, forcing him to watch every experiment. The Chosen One can recruit K-9 to his cause by repairing his legs and killing Doc Schreber. K-9 still refuses to compromise his morals and will leave if the Chosen One has too much bad Karma or if they earn the Childkiller Perk.  
K-9 is superior to the other robotic dog companion in Fallout 2, Robodog, because he has better stats. He is also one of the few companions to follow a stupid (Intelligence less than 4) player.

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