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Mister Mosquito follows the Yamada family as they vacation in Hawaii in this weird and improved sequel.



Like the first game, Mister Mosquito (or his American counterpart) have to suck blood from members of either the Yamada Family or the Brown family, their American hosts. This involves stabbing and rotating the control stick to get blood, however, unlike the last game there is no 'danger' sensor - and death is both surprising and fatal, so carefulness is a must. Unlike the previous game, the entire body is now available (other then clothed areas) for... penetration, however, certain glowing green spots are available for less dangerous sucking-ness. In addition to blood, Mister Mosquito/American Mosquito must also attack different 'objective areas' usually highlighted by character dialogue as well as the left side kenji symbols. These are sometimes referenced by the target, such as Aerith saying that she has a head cold (attack the head.)

Mr. Mosquito engaging Aerith in Battle Mode
Mr. Mosquito engaging Aerith in Battle Mode

If a Mosquito is spotted, "Battle Mode" is triggered and each human will go to absurd lengths to eliminate their blood sucking intruder. Hitting 'pressure points' highlighted by green is the only way to relax said humn and put them back to sleep, blood sucking is impossible in these segments.

Ka 2 features an advanced experience system. Completing levels and getting bonus tanks, along with bonus scrolls hidden throughout the level, allows Mr. Mosquito/American Mosquito to upgrade their Mosquito abilities. This may be more stamina so they can fly more, more health to survive encounters, more silent sucking, and increased speed. Upgrading your mosquito is 100% vital.


The Yamada family has won a vacation to Hawaii! Thinking this is the perfect chance to get away from all the troubles of Japanese life, especially that goddamn Mosquito (who Mr. Yamada has PTSD flashbacks to fighting.) Mr. Mosquito, finding a perfect opportunity to get some fresh blood, hides himself in a suitcase. Meanwhile, the Brown family is fumigating their house to deal with their own Mosquito problem, however, American Mosquito is shown surviving, hiding outside behind a spray can. When the Yamada's arrive, both Mosquito's meet each-other. At this point the story splits, choosing American Mosquito involves more levels with the Brown family while Mr. Mosquito harasses the Yamada's, but both get at least one level with each member of both families. Interestingly enough, the Brown family is voiced in English while the Yamada's speak in their Japanese - this is referenced by the Brown's who don't understand a single bit of Japanese.

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