Kabuki: Quantum Fighter

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 21, 1990

    A side-scrolling action game set in a dangerous future.

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    Kabuki: Quantum Fighter is a side-scrolling action and platforming game for the NES from HAL and Human Entertainment. Released in 1990, it followed a string of similar games within the genre and became somewhat of a cult classic with references found in popular culture and other games. For example, there is a scene in Soldier of Fortune during which the game can be seen in the background being played by one of the characters.


    The game takes place in the 2050s, when a rapidly mutating computer virus has infected the defense software that protects the entire planet. To resolve the problem, Colonel Scott O'Connor is chosen to use the Image Transfer System; an untested technology capable of converting the human mind into binary data and transferring it into a computer.

    However, because the ITS is untested, the effects on the human mind are unknown. When Scott's psyche materializes inside the computer system, he is rendered as a kabuki actor. The player must take control of O'Connor and guide him through six levels of intense combat in order to reach the heart of the system and a final confrontation with the virus itself high above Earth in an orbiting satellite.



    O’Connor’s hair can be whipped towards enemies to inflict damage. It has a very limited range and is the players most basic attack.


    The player can throw computer chips at enemies in a more long range attack. A finite number are available in each level for the player to find.

    Fusion Gun

    Fires powerful but slow moving missiles towards enemies for a very long range attack. Very limited ammo capacity.

    Quantum Bomb

    Fires in three directions in front of the player. Very short range but extremely powerful.


    Thrown forward in parabolic arc making it difficult to land direct hits. Large splash damage effect and power makes it a deadly weapon if on target.

    Remote Control Bolo

    Automatically targets enemies and lands multiple hits from a single attack. The most powerful weapon in the game and only obtained during the final level.



    Patrol slowly but accelerate within close proximity to the player. No ranged ability and easy to avoid makes this a common enemy.

    Robo Roaches

    Slowly crawl along the ground with no ranged ability; however they are very durable and require many hits to be destroyed. Drop chips when killed. Very easy to avoid.


    Squawking Heads
    Squawking Heads

    Stationary enemies that fire powerful flame bursts in a short range. Easy to avoid and difficult to eliminate through anything other than ranged attacks.

    Squawking Heads

    Like the Flamethrowers these are stationary enemies however their attack has far more range. Requires precise timing to destroy.

    Dart Throwers

    Bounces left and right until the player enters their ranged at which point they throw powerful darts. Can be eliminated with a ranged attack before they spot the player.

    Pit Hounds

    Very fast but possessing no ranged attacks. Well timed jumps can avoid their charge melee attack and leave them exposed.

    Bouncing Dinos

    Star Fighters
    Star Fighters

    Slowly bounce towards the player. Repeated usage of a ranged attack before they initiate contact is required to destroy them as they inflict heavy damage when up close.

    Star Fighters

    Extremely fast, very powerful and tough to destroy. The player is advised to avoid these enemies whenever possible and bypass them through careful jumping rather than engage in combat.


    Camouflaged enemies which fire boomerangs when in close proximity to the player. Not very durable and can be easily eliminated when exposed.


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