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Beware of Dog. Seriously, He'll curse at you... a lot.

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is one game that won't let you take in the landscape and smell the noodles, or take in anything for that matter. In fact, Dog Days is such a fast paced game, you'll barely begin taking in the meaning behind the action, and it's over.   
Dog Days returns to following our anti-heroes, Kane, the cowardly kooky mercenary, and Lynch, one crazy motherfu***r. The story is simply this: the two have spent some time apart after their international romp in the first game, but are brought back together over an arms deal. However, that deal goes wrong when they accidentally kill a nude girl who happens to be the daughter of... ah who cares. Trouble comes, bah bum bah bum, they shoot shit and run rampant through Shanghai, some more lives, and another game. 
I must say, I was very much looking forward to this game. I'm drawn to the premise behind these two, and hope to some day see a film perfecting their tales, but until then, I'm going to have to bear with the weak stories backing the games, or at least in Dog Days. The story lasts about 5 hours or so, depending on the difficulty setting played, and it doesn't get very deep. Where the first one was driven by a good story and interesting character developments, this one just pulls together some chopped scenes of the screenplay, and stuffs it full of intense violence. So for the most part, the sequel switched parts with it's predecessor, taking gameplay over story this time around.
That being said, the gameplay is fun and exciting. The new look is incredibly unique and astounding, and the intense action holds strong. There are many small tweaks that make the overall experience much more enjoyable than the first, and adds a higher replay value. These tweaks also shine on in the new Fragile Alliance, which had some much needed work done to it, and is now one hell of an enjoyable online experience. Along with the addition of two new modes: Cops and Robbers, and Undercover Cop, the online is easily the most enjoyable experience of Dog Days, and IMO worth the purchase.
Overall, Kane and Lynch2:Dog Days is a slightly above average game with an incredible look, but falls short of excellence in it's measly weak story. The online is now a terrific feature thanks to the new tweaks, and will be sure to entertain for months, but those looking for a story won't find themselves leaving satisfied and enchanted. More likely you'll come out of this with an excelled sailors vocabulary, and a more desensitized look at life.

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