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Kei Katsuragi is the protagonist of Super Dimension Century Orguss, an anime series created by the same staff that made the original Macross anime. He is part of an unnamed rebel force whose mission is to destroy a vital space elevator using the Space-Time Oscillation Bomb. However, engineers call off the detonation of the bomb at the last minute. Refusing to abort the mission, Kei takes matters into his own hands. The resulting explosion collapses the multiverse, creating a world consisting of pieces of alternate Earths and throwing himself and wingman Olson Verne into the future.

He is found by the Emaan, a race of humanoids who are physically identical to humans except for having tentacles on their necks. He is constantly pursued by the Chilam, direct descendants of normal humans who value his status as the "Tokuiten" (which roughly translates to "Singularity"). Kei later learns that he and Olson are required to fix the chaotic world, and that they must die in order to do so; he spends much of the series coping with this fact. Over time, he builds a romantic relationship with Emaan girl Mimsy Laaz.

He is portrayed as a playboy; in fact, the first scene of the anime shows Kei in bed with a young woman.

Super Robot Wars

Kei first appears in the Super Robot Wars series in Super Robot Wars Z. In this game, the space elevator belongs to Gundam SEED's Earth Alliance, with original villainess Xine Espio appearing as an unnamed Alliance soldier who attempts to shoot down Kei and Olson. The detonation of the Space-Time Oscillation Bomb merges the setting of each anime into a single universe. Super Robot Wars Z2 Hakai-hen and Saisei-hen take place in a different chaotic universe brought about by Kei's actions.

Kei's pilot stats are comparable to Amuro Ray of the Universal Century Gundam universe; for example, Kei and Amuro are two of the only pilots in the game to have access to the "Attack Again" skill for free. His womanizing tendencies are referenced by the game's mechanics: in SRWZ squads under his command deal 120% damage to male enemies but only 80% to female enemies, while in Z2 his Ace Bonus gives him a damage increase while adjacent to a female pilot.

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