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    A mysterious man that Ayesha first encounters at the start of the game. He appears directly after she witnesses a ghostly image of her sister calling out to her above the grave that had been erected after her disappearance. Keith, as he later asks to be called, leaves Ayesha with only the knowledge that her sisters disappearance has something to do with the glowing flowers found around the site and that she can find a way to get her back through the use of alchemy. He then departs without anymore information.

    It is sometime before Ayesha has another encounter with him. When she does he is often very demanding about her use of alchemy, claiming things like the destruction of the world and its current state can be traced back to the misuse of alchemy. Even after passing trials laid forth by him he still refuses to give her any aid or teach in any way despite being the person that sent her down this path.

    Keith can often be found in the ruined library doing various kinds of research. He claims to have read almost all of the several million books that reside within its walls but does not have any way to prove if that is a valid statement. The only advise he give Ayesha is suggestions on what book she is looking for, even though she is already in the section and standing in front of that bookshelf


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