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    Khorne, the "Blood God", is a chaos god and the most straightforward in his antics. He sits atop a throne made out of countless skulls. Being the chaos god of blood and battle, he grows stronger for every kill contributed to him.

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    Lord of Rage, Lord of Blood, Khorne feeds upon acts of violence and destruction. He despises magic and favours pride and honours in martial prowess. He considers the weak and helpless to be unworthy of his wrath. His followers build no temples, instead worshipping him on the battlefield.

    Khorne is the oldest of the Chaos gods and every act of violence, committed by his followers or those that oppose them, contributes to his power. His greater daemons, the Bloodthirsters, resemble an archetypal daemon with a human body, hooves, great leathery wings and canine-like horned heads. They take to the battlefield wielding a barbed whip and gargantuan battleaxe and their martial prowess surpasses that of all the other greater daemons.


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