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Inuyasha holds his love of another life, Kikyo
Inuyasha holds his love of another life, Kikyo
Kikyo was once the love of half-demon Inuyasha. Longing to be able to cast aside her role of protector of the sacred Shikon no Tama to live the life of a normal woman, Kikyo offered to use the immense power of the jewel to turn Inuyasha fully human. On the day he was to be changed she found that he appeared to mock her for her naiveté and slashed her, leaving her wounded. This ruse was orchestrated by shape-shifting villain Naraku, unbeknownst to Kikyo or Inuyasha. Tragically, both fell to his deceit and Kikyo sealed her former love to a tree with her last breath.

In a scheme by an old witch Urasue, Kikyo was resurrected out of the soil from her grave and given a body made of clay and bone, created from a demon kiln. Once revived, only her anger, hatred and need for revenge remained, her love and hope being lost with the part of her soul that had been given to her next incarnation, Kagome.

In an effort to ensure Inuyasha was hers for the killing, for she wished to bring him into the afterlife with her for their final rest, she aided the same villain who caused her death: Naraku.

This ambiguously aligned character (she acts in the interest of both good and evil) prefers ranged attacks with her bow and arrow, however she can also use her holy powers in both melee and ranged fighting.

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